The exponential growth in enterprise data makes it crucial to capitalize on data and record keeping is no longer enough. As data presentation goes beyond static charts and tables, Mbsap  helps you filter substantial insights to enable better decision making. Out visual data analysts help you decipher tougher looking textual data to find newer solutions for your enterprise related problems.


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    Visual Analytics Services We Offer

    With Mbsap, your visual analytics workforce is only a phone call or email away. Due to a varied scope of data consumption across industries, genuine visual analytics requires a diverse collection of experts to make it work effectively. Fortunately, you don’t need to hire specialists on site; as you can access the wide pool of data collators, statisticians, data scientists, skilled at leveraging specifically designed tools and algorithms at Mbsap. Our team comes with many man-hours of advanced expertise, which is fruitful for your business.

    Mbsap, with its seasoned analysts in business finance, accounting, and operations, creates unique visual analytics that shed light on the insights hidden in your data. These become pointers that could change the way you do business or even change the course of market category. Our core team helps decision makers avoid information overload by presenting data visually, and in a language that is important to their business presentations.

    Mbsap makes use of popular analytics software like SAS visual analytics to work on projects ranging from investment research, market research, and business research to data analytics. Our cost-effective visual analytics services take your data representation to the next level. This will enable you to discover hidden opportunities, achieve constructive evaluation, enhance your business processes, and improve decision-making.

    • Time data on an x-axis
    • Value comparison data on a bar chart
    • Relative proportions data on a treemap

    We conducted a study on bus routes in one of the major international cities in the world and provided an illustration of how your mind will process data much faster when a carefully-conceived image leads the way.