Mbsap provides a comprehensive range of asset management support services for the investment management industry. Our skilled asset management experts help you get over human resource constraints, cost pressures, legal and compliance issues, technology shifts in a highly efficient and effective manner. When you look for transforming processes, customer management, risk management, and reporting methodologies for your asset management related activities, Mbsap works as an extension of your existing team to help you meet growing data and service channel requirements. As a strategic service partner, we work with asset management companies, fund research companies, ranking agencies, third-party information providers, Exchange traded funds (ETF) providers, etc. to enable revenue growth with minimized operational risks.


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    Asset Management Support Services We Offer

    At Mbsap, our asset management experts offer a gamut of support services that are custom designed to suit your growing requirements. We work closely with you to plan out the right set of services to ensure maximum ROI. Our range of services include –

    • Detailed Reports – We provide you custom reports on various asset classes, asset-backed securities, ETFs and other structured products including –
      • Industry-specific Reports – We provide SWOT analysis, PEST Analysis, current and past financial performance data, industry forecasts, capital structure, management strategy and other specialized reports on specific industries to get deeper insights
      • Evaluation – Mbsap helps you evaluate different fund managers and reviews key financial portfolios to provide an exhaustive performance report
    • Assessment & Evaluation Services – We help you with the latest trends in the market and provide appropriate predictions based on our fundamental and/or technical research
      • Fixed Income Market – Mbsap helps you to analyze the Fixed Income market and Forex and Commodities markets. We evaluate central bank policies, prevailing interest rates, and the macroeconomic trends in the market to help you take better-informed decisions
      • Financial Modeling – Our asset management experts help you choose the right financial mix with our financial modeling services that include debt analysis, stock/bond valuation, multi-asset portfolio evaluation, as well as short and long-term forecasts
      • Fund Comparison and Monitoring – Mbsap helps you compare two investment options or portfolios based on costs, risks, performance, and other critical factors to identify the right opportunity. Be it asset allocation adjustments or diversification by identifying potential investment partners; our experts can help you make the right choice
    • Managing Risks – Along with keeping you updated on possible risk scenarios by assessing compliance risks, credit risks, and Critical Asset Performance Standards (CAPS), Mbsap also helps you remain aware about all international, national, and regional investment regulations
    • Managing Third-party Information – We verify third-party information and validate the effectiveness and accuracy based on set benchmarks to aid decision-making
    • Data Management – With years of expertise in data management, we help you cleanse, organize, structure, and manage all the key data that impact your asset management operations
    • Other Services – Mbsap also helps with investment prioritization, technical audit, governance audit, risk ranking, developing asset lifecycle cost optimization strategy, etc. We help you with –
      • Tax Regulations – We keep you updated with tax regulations like the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA) and other similar significant tax laws
      • Portfolio Returns – We support asset managers to optimize their portfolio returns and minimize risks by our utilizing data mining and primary market research capabilities to identify new and more profitable investment options
      • Market Updates – Based on your preferences and needs, Mbsap provides market updates on a regular basis on key trends, events, and markets
      • Pitchbook Updates – We help you develop a more specialized pitchbook to effectively connect with investors
      • Analyzing Commodities – Our experts analyze the activities of the commodities market and associated sectors like crude oil, natural gas, precious metals, and grains
      • Reporting Standards – Mbsap offers the latest legal updates and provides support for IFRS compliance management for both national and international investment operations