Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is a leading provider of Office Ally EHR services in India and abroad and our Office Ally EHR support services enable practices to make their workflows more efficient and productive. We have experience and expertise in using the Office Ally EHR software to make patient records accessible to practitioners at any time regardless of the location. Our Office Ally EHR support services are also highly secure and comply with all the relevant regulations.


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    Office Ally EHR Services We Offer

    Mbsap is a leading Office Ally EHR services provider and provides a comprehensive range of support services related to the use of the Office Ally EHR software. Our Office Ally EHR services include –

    Quick and Easy Implementation

    We assist with speedy implementation of the Office Ally EHR software. Our support team is also at hand to help healthcare providers quickly set up the program so that they can begin using it right away.

    Customizable Solutions and Interface

    As a leading Office Ally EHR services providing company, we can configure the Office Ally EHR software so that it can be used by all kinds of practices. We can customize the application so that it reflects the data you need and can also make your most-used options easily accessible to you.

    Up-to-Date Report Creation Services

    As part of our Office Ally EHR services, we also provide up-to-date reports that contain the information you need. Whenever any staff makes any changes to the Office Ally EHR system, it is immediately viewable by other users and, therefore, reports can be processed right away.

    Flexible and Customizable Superbills

    We allow healthcare providers and their staff to customize the superbill in any way they want. We populate the superbill with sections that are key to specific practices so that they only get the information that is most relevant to them. This helps practitioners save time by not having to spend time inputting information in irrelevant areas.

    Integrated Workflow Services

    We use Office Ally EHR to make it easier for laboratories and doctors to communicate with each other. We can use the application to send test requests to laboratories and receive the results from the laboratory once the tests are complete. This can eliminate paperwork and reduce the time spent shuttling between departments, thereby increasing productivity.

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