Many people around the world, face an increasing amount of debt and other financial pressures due to an unpredictable economic climate. According to a recent market study, 30 million Americans struggle to pay their debt and clock up outstanding bills and payments, which in turn, has an adverse effect on businesses both large and small. If you are one of those businesses, then you would understand how hard it is to retrieve the debt while adhering to the industry best practices.

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    Debt Collection Services

    By mbsap debt collection services to Mbsap, you can enhance your business efficiency while boosting your accounts receivable collections. We help to streamline and improve your existing processes for debt collection while facilitating you with an experienced and courteous team of debt collection call center agents. With us on board, you can reduce the burden of bad debt, enhance existing cash flow, and achieve profitability while maintaining your brand image. We also understand that there is a need for a collections company that can help collect payments due since a long time and business-to-business debts and can help you collect the debt from such sources as well.

    Our Debt Collection Services

    Our success rate has made us a leader in the debt collections industry and a premier provider of debt collection services in India. We ensure that our performance matches up to your requirements while allowing you to benefit from our exhaustive industry experience. Our end-to-end debt collection outsourcing services include –

    Customer Tracking and Data Validation Services

    More often than not, businesses are faced with the challenge of tracking down customers or debtors whose contact information is either inaccurate or has changed. With the help of Mbsap, debt management system, you can unlock the power of analytics-driven data and access an online profile of the debtor allowing you to track them down. The debtor’s profile usually includes critical debt collection information, such as multiple contact data points, credit-based scoring, etc. The final result is an effective, client-focused debt collection process which can help you find and contact missing and hard-to-reach debtors thereby increasing your recovery percentage while reducing costs.

    Early and Late-stage Debt Collections

    While acting on the behalf of your business, we can contact debtors who have defaulted on payments or are about to do so based on their credit information – and offer them options for debt restructuring. We understand how important an effective collections strategy is to the running of your business, and focus our resources on your most pressing concerns accordingly. Our process focuses on debtors with the largest amount of debt, and once again leverages analytics to figure out how likely they are to pay off their debt.

    Debt Dispute Management Services

    Unfortunately, inaccurate debt profiles are something which every business has to deal with. According to the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), 65% of the complaints they receive are about the continued attempts made by debt collectors to collect a debt which has already been paid. Our data validation services ensure that such occurrences don’t occur. Additionally, all and our call center agents are trained by experts in dispute management to ensure the best possible result for your business.

    Debt Collection Call Center Services

    Our call center agents have been trained exhaustively in debt collection procedures, and are able to retain their composure even in the face of adverse environments. Debt collection calls are one of the hardest to make, but throughout the entire process, our collection agents represent you in the best manner possible. We make our call logs available at the earliest, and our agents ensure that your brand value is never tarnished during the process.

    Debt Portfolio Management

    With the help of available information, our debt collection services automate important decision-making tasks and can offer important recommendations to change cutoffs and implement new policies based on existing data. We also help you recognize high-risk accounts much beforehand by analyzing bankruptcy, deceased, and other relevant data to reduce legal risk and optimize your existing resources to target other debtors. Our debt collection services are ideal for –

    • Commercial accounts
    • Healthcare organizations & Dentists
    • Banks
    • Veterinarians
    • Chiropractors
    • Landlords
    • County clerks
    • Utility companies