Every company tries its best to keep its customers happy, especially in a scenario of heightened competition. Having a strong customer service is no longer a luxury offered to a customer but a ‘must’ for the survival of a business. It has been found that more than 75% of callers hang up on hearing a voicemail. Nearly all the callers leave a message if a live attendant is at the other end of the line. Are you looking for an assistant who could receive calls on your behalf? You can hire our virtual assistant, who will work for you just like your personal assistant at your office. Our virtual assistant will answer your calls during your working hours ensuring that all the calls you receive are attended to with a pleasant voice.

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Make Mbsap work in 24 hours!

    Our Virtual Assistant Can Perform the Following Tasks

    • Answer all your phone calls with your company’s welcome message
    • Answer general queries
    • Fix appointments over the phone
    • Record important messages on your behalf
    • Pass on all the details of the calls answered to you by the end of day

    Advantages of Hiring Our Virtual Assistant

    • Significant cost savings
    • No need to invest in office space, infrastructure and software
    • Professional, polite and friendly voice
    • Proficient in speaking over the phone
    • Use of polished language
    • Integrated technology to record all calls
    • Highly trained call answering assistant
    • Strict security protocol to ensure information from calls remain confidential
    • Ability to modify call script