‘Marketing’, the combination of sales and marketing, has been the new rage in business operations and strategies lately, and for all the right reasons. One of its mega-hit offspring is inbound sales – one of the most effective ways to convert a marketing prospect into a sales customer. Inbound sales are based on the idea that sellers solve problems first, and make money later.

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    Our Specialized Inbound Sales Services

    Mbsap specialized inbound sales services include effortlessly identifying the customer’s pain points, and engaging them with our client’s products to help them derive maximum benefits. As one of the leading companies in inbound sales services in India, our solutions are highly comprehensive. We have classified our services in the following major brackets –

    This includes an exhaustive range of end-to-end solutions wherein we take your conventional sale process, juxtapose it with effective marketing strategies and technological innovations, and convert it into a smart inbound sales process.

    If you want inbound sales to be an innate part of your business operations, Mbsap  expert trainers have you covered with our staff augmentation and training services. We can also help you set-up an in-house sales training program and define the metrics for effective performance analysis.

    Under this range of services and solutions, we analyze your sales funnel for your lead generation, prospect identification, opportunity valuation, and other techniques. Based on our reviews, we can consult and help you craft a hyper-focused inbound sales strategy to achieve your business goals.

    At Mbsap, we maintain that a sales template should revolve around each sales channels’ objectives. Our solutions include helping your brand develop B2B inbound sales as well as B2C inbound sales processes by ensuring that the right goals are set, the right approach is followed, and the right level of performance is achieved.

    Leave behind the redundant, imprecise, and time-consuming ways of generating leads. Within our inbound sales services package, we help you automate your process of lead generation as well as your first personalized interaction with a prospective customer. Leave a lasting first impression without having to lift a finger.

    Customer relationships are the foundation of inbound sales and Smarketing and CRM is an indispensable tool for managing these relationships effectively. Our expert team can help you through the entire process of setting up, training, and utilizing CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Nimble, and more.

    Whether you choose to integrate automation at every step or not, there still are tons of smart tools that can make your sales practices much more compelling, efficient, and action-provoking. We help you integrate the tools that are best suited for your business needs, including those analyzing lead capacities, creating email sequences, sales templates, and more.