Mbsap is one such Healthcare collections service providing company that can take care of all your requirements with ease. We ensure 100% compliance and fulfill the objectives of your practice. What makes us different from any other healthcare collection company is that we don’t use legacy tools and technology to follow up on payments. Instead, we are armed with analytics and data-crunching tools, upon which we capitalize along with Business Intelligence to develop custom strategies to secure payments owed to your practice. We have some of the most skilled and experienced Healthcare collection experts who can take care of all your needs. We leverage the latest tools and technologies while delivering the best quality services.


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    Healthcare Collection Services We Offer

    Mbsap has been one of the leading providers of Healthcare collection services to clients around the globe for over two decades. We understand each client’s unique requirements and provide them with services that will suit their business requirements. Some of the key Healthcare debt collection services we offer include –

    Credit Balance Service

    In a complex healthcare ecosystem, a healthcare provider may get hold of more money than the charges rendered for patient care. In such cases, the onus is on the provider to promptly return the surplus to affected patients. Failure to do so can result in non-compliance, litigation, inaccurate AR, dented productivity of AR team, compromised credibility. To skip all these hassles, we analyze patient accounts and validate credit balances. If necessary, reconcile balances. We comply with the local laws and ensure reconciliation within 60 days if the request is valid.

    Third-party Liability Service

    To ensure payment towards medical assistance provided under Medicaid plans must be fulfilled by third parties and we follow up with them to ensure obligations are met. We also make sure that the legally owed payments by third-party are paid before the Medicaid programs to avoid conflict of policies. We coordinate benefits for a group health plan, self-insured plan, worker compensation, long-term care insurance, court-ordered coverage, and more.

    Self-pay Program

    Sometimes, patients may not have the financial soundness or insurance to afford healthcare services for illness, such patients will not be turned away as per the federal poverty income guidelines. To bring relief, we will calculate the patient’s household size, income, and other factors to provide a discount schedule for which they are eligible.

    Bad Debt Primary Program

    The payment for the hospitalization is critical for maintaining the operational revenue and if allowed to languish unsettled, it can lead to disruption in service affecting sustenance. So we help hospitals to recover dues from patients through primary recovery options that 120 days to 10 months. We work with patients to provide payment options including installments so all dues can be cleared as soon as possible.

    Bad Debt Secondary Program

    We have resources who can devote their time and effort towards debt recovery by working with patients after their finances have stabilized. They help you realize a better revenue cycle if primary agencies are unsuccessful in their effort to recover dues through patient tracing or if they were ignored for a significant duration. Our team takes an empathetic approach to ensure the best experience for hospitals and patients.

    Specialized Medical Collection Services

    • Emergency Services Collection Services
    • Primary Care Collection Services
    • Mental Health Care Collection Services
    • Addiction Service Clinics Collection
    • Hospital Clinic Collection Services
    • Public Health Collection Services
    • Private Clinic Collection Services
    • Polyclinic Collection Services
    • Family Planning Clinic Collection Services
    • Specialized Clinic Collection Services
    • Community Health Center Collection Services
    • Retail Clinic Collection Services