At Mbsap, we combine the best of technology and expertise to ensure that your claims get processed within the stipulated time and you receive full reimbursement. Our reimbursement managers and insurance support executives are expert in processing clean & accurate claims. They can either log into your claims processing software or use the software of your choice. They verify the mandatory fields like Received Date, ICD-10, Date of Service, and line items.


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    Medical Insurance Claims Processing Services We Offer

    If you want to collaborate with an established company for medical insurance claims processing, look no further. We can help you process any claim and follow up on the unpaid claims that require follow-up or correction. We can also assist you to settle the claim, verifying the patient’s claim eligibility, maintain accurate AR, bill clean claims, etc. A few services that come under our medical insurance claims processing services are –

    Medical Insurance Claim Setup

    We can reorganize the claim processing by streamlining the data processing part of the insurance claim form.

    Insurance Eligibility Verification

    We can verify the insurance document, verify the patient coverage, and correct any misinformation.

    Claim Document Imaging

    We can convert the huge volume of claim records into digital images, irrespective of the formats.


    We can disburse the claim within the timeline through duly follow-ups, corrections, or whatsoever necessary steps are required.

    Claim Adjudication

    Under our claim adjudication services, we engage a team of experienced claims adjudicators and IT professionals to deliver effective claims adjudication solutions to the payers.

    Claim Support & Auditing

    Our claim support & auditing services are a blend of data processing tools and qualified auditors who can audit the claim, perform underpayment analysis, find solutions for recovery, and post payments for the clean claims.

    Account Settlement

    Our medical claims account settlement service covers the necessary follow-ups with the insurers and payment agencies until the final settlement is made.