Spending long hours on a 100-page document to extract two key points buried inside it can drive an executive to frustration. But today’s business executives deal with loads of information-heavy documents, in which much of the data is irrelevant and/or unnecessary to conduct their daily tasks. As frustration builds up, worker productivity falls, in turn causing losses to the company.


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    Increase Productivity with Our Data Abstraction Services

    Your employees require a process that extracts key points and facts from a huge document and presents it in a compact and concise manner. This is called data abstraction.

    Data abstraction involves compressing a document into a summary of key points without the loss of any important data in the documents. Data abstraction can be of different types, e.g. biographic data abstraction, news abstraction etc.

    Data Abstraction Segments

    At Mbsap, data abstraction is all about encapsulating large and incomprehensible data chunks into concise data segments that can be fit into minimum space. However, we don’t compromise on information quality while adhering to size metrics, and try to present the maximum amount of relevant information within minimum space required.

    Typically, Mbsap data abstraction format comprises four segments –

    1. Introduction
    2. Key points
    3. Conclusion
    4. Discussion

    All the information beneficial to your organization is efficiently incorporated within these sections in a concise manner. Additionally, if you require specific formats, we can tailor-fit our data abstraction solutions to deliver optimum end-results that match your requirements exactly.

    Relevant Information for Decision-Making

    Data abstraction goes much beyond summarizing documents.

    In this era of cut-throat competition, quick and concise information about your business is an absolute necessity in order to effectively stay ahead of your competitors. Mbsap data abstraction to collect information about your business – details about the customers, employees, products, etc. Armed with relevant information in hand, you can steer your strategic business decision-making process towards delivering better results.