In today’s business-centric world, everything depends on speed. Whether it is your time to market or the speed at which you can innovate, rapid development and deployment are essential to compete and win over your customers. Every business needs a website, but it is an arduous task to pick the right PHP web development framework that will deliver a highly-functional website in a short time. When it comes to leading PHP frameworks, Laravel today rules the roost and is considered by many established programmers to be far superior to Zend, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, etc.


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    What is Laravel Development?

    Laravel is based upon the MVC pattern architecture which is essential in allowing developers to create highly functional websites in no time. It features rapid 3rd-party package integration, easy-to-understand template systems, and allows for routing closures, all of which lead to an extremely scalable application backed by distinct UI understanding. Because of its scalability, Laravel can easily deal with any kind of complication, so the size of your business or the magnitude of your requirement never become a matter of concern.

    Some of the many reasons why businesses like to outsource Laravel development and why programmers gravitate towards it include –

    • Ease of Development
    • Laravel syntax is extremely fluent
    • Modular controls
    • Useful ORMs
    • Dependent libraries
    • MIT license incorporated
    • Well Documented
    • Flexible MVC
    • Easy to test
    • No spaghetti code
    • Support of Routing and reverse routing
    • Caching
    • Open Source

    Our Laravel Development Services

    Mbsap is a world-renowned Laravel development service provider and our developers leverage an Agile development methodology to deliver extremely customized Laravel development solutions for our clients. We can bundle a variety of PHP-packages as required so as to ensure the solution meets your requirements, while also offering extensive consulting for strategy implementation and integration. Our services include –

    1. Custom Laravel Web Development Services

      When you outsource Laravel development services, we provide you with a bouquet of options to suit your express requirements. Our Laravel developers leverage their experience and PHP’s extensive customization capabilities to either modify already existing features in your website or deliver a completely new version which would scale with your requirements. With the help of Laravel’s extensive template customizations, we further ensure that your website looks modern and dissimilar from your competitor websites too.

    2. Laravel Enterprise Solutions

      With thousands of scalable modules, our Laravel development services are ideal for large multinational businesses and enterprises who need access to a scalable, enterprise-level development process. We work with a very specific set of tools which ensure compatibility across your different website versions, ensuring the overall development and deployment process takes place rapidly and without any obstructions.

    3. Laravel Extension Development

      Laravel extensions are famous for being lightweight, feature-rich, and extremely easy to implement. Our Laravel developers look at the various options available and create an extension which suits your requirements. From eCommerce to digital payments, we have worked on numerous solutions as part of our continuous drive to improve Laravel development in India.

    4. RESTful Laravel Solutions

      With more than 5 years of experience in developing PHP solutions and Laravel development services to a global clientele, we have a hands-on experience in leveraging Laravel API generator packages to create easy-to-implement RESTful solutions which can communicate with a variety of third-party clients such as mobiles, ensuring you can reach out to a wider audience without having to spend time on development of a mobile-only solution.

    5. Laravel Maintenance and Support

      If you are looking for high-quality maintenance and support for your Laravel-based website then you are at the right place. Our 24/7 ticketing system combined with flexible packages and dedicated shift managers ensure you are never too far away from support, while at the same time ensuring 100% upkeep of your website.

    Why Choose Mbsap for Laravel Development Solutions?

    Mbsap Laravel development services is never an easy task, especially with the wide number of service providers out there promising you the world. At the same time, you need to partner with a service provider with the requisite experience and the skill set required to handle Laravel efficiently. Our experience in working with Laravel stems from our understanding of what makes Laravel development special in the first place, which includes a variety of reasons such as –

    • Object-oriented Libraries – Laravel has a large number of pre-installed object-oriented libraries which makes it an ideal choice for web and app development. Libraries vary from password reset to checking for active users, Bcrypt hashing, CSRF protection, etc.
    • MVC Support – Laravel’s MVC architecture, such as Symfony ensures developers have a clear understanding of the logic and the way the language is presented. This ensures better documentation, better design performance, and overall better stability.
    • Easy Authorization Procedure – Since everything is pre-configured in Laravel, therefore it is a cakewalk when it comes to implementing authorization processes in Laravel. Developers, therefore, can easily organize authorization logic and control what elements have access to what resource.
    • Rapid Database Migration – Developers often find it difficult to keep multiple databases in sync but becomes a flawless task with Laravel. Since the entire database works in seeds and migration, it becomes much easier to migrate what you need to another development platform.
    • Security – Laravel development is extremely secure in nature, as at every step you can use hashed and salted passwords. Since passwords are never stored in plain text within your database, they cannot be decoded even in the case of a breach.
    • Laravel Artisan – Artisan is a useful Laravel tool that can be used in the command line. It is easy for developers to interact with the entire framework while in the command line and ensures repetitive and mundane programming tasks which usually take a long time are easily completed within a short time.