Are you short-staffed to cope up with emergency radiology and patient care in the ER? Would it ease your concerns having a dedicated emergency radiology professional go through medial reports to diagnose injury and acute illnesses in the ER? Fret not, Mbsap is an Emergency Radiology service providing company that offers experienced Radiologists who can work as an extension of your emergency room team. They can provide emergency radiology services while you are busy attending medical emergencies.


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    Emergency Radiology Services We Offer

    Mbsap emergency radiology services are handled by trained professionals who are certified and have the qualifications that meet or exceed the healthcare standards. They have the competence and bandwidth to handle case after case without affecting the quality. Our emergency Radiology services include –

    Emergency Radiology Services for Physicians

    Our team of board-certified emergency radiologists will work with patients and physicians. They will communicate the clear and concise data interpreted from the original reports. If there are emergencies they can handle the pressure to deliver the diagnosis in time. Our services are mostly sought after by professionals in trauma and emergency centers.

    Emergency Radiology Reading for Common Health Issues

    Our radiologists can also swiftly read reports of infants with delayed gastric emptying, victims who unconscious after the accident, undiagnosed hemorrhaging, and other types of medical trauma.

    Collaboration with Physicians and Patients

    Due to various emergencies, the roles played by our radiologists can be dynamic. Our team collaborates with physicians, personnel, as well as patients based on the type of emergency. At Mbsap, our radiologists will play an active role in diagnosing as many cases and recommending treatment options to medical professionals. With high-level expertise, thy can swiftly read and evaluate radiology reports on a moment’s notice.

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