Be it fundraising, acquisitions, disposals, flotations or equity issues or any other legal hassles, Mbsap provides the complete spectrum of corporate (financial, transactional, and operational) support services to financial institutions and corporates. With over two decades of knowledge in the marketplace and domain expertise, we work toward the financial success of our clients.


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    Mbsap Corporate Finance Support Services – Combining Industry Expertise with Deep Insight

    mbsap works side by side with its clients to help them create unprecedented financial advancement through our strategic corporate finance support services. We offer suitable and specialized services to help you focus on your core business operations while taking the load off you to manage and ensure adequate cash flow and profitability. Our comprehensive range of Corporate Finance support services include –

    • Peer Analysis for Mergers and Acquisitions – Our market screening services help you to identify potential targets/buyers for acquisition during Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) or disinvestment phase
    • Developing Presentations – Our effective management presentations, pitch presentations, pitch books, and confidential reports take care the entire business communication need. We create necessary documents to help you reach out to potential buyers
    • Competition Tracking – Mbsap helps you stay ahead of your competitors with specialized financial modeling services that include mergers, discounted cash flow, IPOs, buyouts, asset evaluation and sensitivity & synergy analysis, etc.
    • Industry Trends and Technology Updates – We keep you updated with all the latest industry and technology related news and trends with our specialized reports that are based on industry benchmarks
    • Data management – Mbsap helps you manage large databases to aid informed decision making. Our professional data management and data support services take care of database consolidation and conversion. Our financial experts also help you with data updates, data structuring and organization of data rooms as part of our due diligence services
    • Evaluation / Assessment Services – Mbsap evaluates bond market alternatives, credit ratings, interest rate developments, and capital/debt structure in the Debt Capital market to help you assess the present scenario
    • Project Finance – We help you evaluate the feasibility and viability of various project-related finance mechanisms for public as well as private projects. Our financial experts provide detailed research inputs on various aspects of public finance to help you select the best source of funding

    Corporate Finance Support – Additional Offerings

    • Financing Sourcing – At Mbsap, our financial experts help you identify new sources of corporate financing, validate third-party information and provide a detailed and comparative analysis of potential lenders. We also help you with pre-IPO analysis, stock price analysis, event-based newsletters, market forecasts, and detailed analysis of debt versus equity
    • Reporting Standards Guidance – Our in-house support team provides you with regular updates about the prevalent reporting standards and other corporate governance legal requirements. At the same time, we help with local, national, and global tax laws and legislations while guiding you to comply with the same for all transactions
    • Cash Management – Mbsap supports you to manage summaries of cash transactions and cost comparison while utilizing proven statistical tools