Mbsap accounts receivable services are built to offer industry-best conversion services, leveraging easy accessibility and functionality for medicare facilities and organizations. Whether your organization is transitioning from a legacy system or you are looking for streamlining operations within the existing infrastructure, our team of qualified accountants and other experts provide complete on-shore and off-shore support, as needed, to make your account receivables system smoother and well-functioning.


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    Accounts Receivable Conversion Services We Offer

    Our exhaustive knowledge and exceptional proficiency across billing systems used by medicare facilities allow us to offer unmatched versatility and deep expertise in all kinds of A/R conversion projects. Our wide spectrum of solutions for accounts receivable conversion includes –

    Assessment of your Financial Health and Conversion Needs

    Mbsap assists the healthcare institutions and other medicare facilities like yours, in a thorough examination of the existing practices to determine the conversion strategy, process, etc. It involves –

    • Reviewing existing systems to identify inefficiencies and poor operability
    • Establishing sources of revenue leakages or poor collection management, if any
    • Stating relevant recommendations to reduce bad debts or revenue leakages

    Cash Flow Management

    Our team undertakes the task of efficiently managing the cash flows during the system conversion period. Under this we facilitate –

    • Strategic planning for system conversion
    • Minimizing any disruptions in collections and operations
    • Managing cash levels during the transition to optimize A/Rs and bad debts
    • Effectively managing payment reconciliation across both, legacy and the new system to minimize any risk of revenue leakage

    Cash Protection and Receivables’ Liquidation

    Apart from proper cash flow management, our team simultaneously leverages a tiered approach to enable a secured cash performance before and during the conversion. It includes –

    • Resolving legacy A/R systems to build cash reserves for a potentially unforeseen dip in cash collection
    • Freeing up your internal resources so that they can focus on new system implementation and training
    • Liquidating receivables from your legacy systems after the conversion

    Automated A/R Collection and Electronic Conversion

    With the power of A/R automation, medicare facilities can leverage large amounts of patient invoices quickly and more accurately than ever before. We help healthcare organizations in the following –

    • Choosing and deploying the right automation technology for A/R automation
    • Assisting in training of your team for its effective usage
    • Ensuring smooth and secure working of the software
    • Tracking collections and audit trail

    On-site Personnel Support

    You may require on-site support while undergoing system conversion. We truly become your hands and eyes and extend complete onshore support. It involves –

    • Working directly on your legacy system while you focus on migration to the new
    • Filling-in any staffing gaps during training and system implementation
    • Acting as your Patient Financial Services team while you optimize and transition to the new system