There is an inevitable need to bring in the diversity of thought not just to face challenges but also to stay ahead in the globalized pharmaceutical market without digging a hole in the enterprise budget on R&D. When the shift in the market is much faster than the progress happening inside the enterprises, it is important for companies to stay updated by making use of intellectual property and open innovation services. Researchers can help you reduce in-house R&D efforts by taking the load off you to engage in time-consuming, exhaustive R&D processes. Service providers can help you keep your Intellectual Property safe while also encouraging open innovation to beat the competition.


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    Intellectual Property and Open Innovation Services We Offer

    Right from generic research services, to specialized research relevant to a specific segment, Mbsap provides a formidable combination of years of expertise with latest research capabilities to help our global clientele with varied requirements. Our research analysts review patent explorations, determine opportunities related to patented and unpatented information, and explore data that may be worth releasing through open innovation. Our unique and detailed intellectual property and open innovation services help pharmaceutical companies engage in better decisions, firm up research, and enhance company growth. Our services include –

    Technology Landscape Analysis

    We have a highly skilled and talented team of researchers who can help you identify innovative trends for a new or existing technology with thorough technology landscape analysis

    Patent and Technology Benchmarking

    Our team also helps your Identify the quality and breadth of patents and those of competitors to help gauge the market scenario

    Open Innovation Analysis

    Mbsap provides recommendations and suitable solutions based on current research and available information to help you stay updated