Many companies often deal with large number of forms processing, and this might also include digitizing numerous hand-written forms on a day-to-day basis. Form processing is an extremely resource intensive task which demands businesses to divert copious time and efforts towards it. Therefore, outsourcing Forms Processing Services can help businesses to cut down on the costs and increase the productivity. Besides, our services can eliminate the hassles of information sharing within the organizational hierarchy.


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    Forms Processing Services We Offer

    We offer comprehensive Forms Processing Solution to global clients with varying forms processing needs. Mbsap data entry specialists possess deep working knowledge of different data formats, such as HTML, CGI, ASP, JSP and PHP.O2I employs two types of forms processing methods –

    First method uses a powerful form-reader tool capable of recognizing manually-entered data at a great speed. This method is highly accurate and can process up to 2,500 words per minute.

    The second method is to design an automatic form-input system to manually collect and analyze data. In addition, we use only the best forms processing software.

    Some of the areas where Mbsap Forms Processing Services have been successfully employed, include –

    • Payroll Processing
    • Warranty Cards
    • Survey/Market Research
    • Medical Forms
    • Resume Processing
    • Application Forms
    • Accounts, Tax, and Legal Forms
    • Online Form Processing
    • Order Fulfillment
    • Catalog Forms
    • Data Conversion
    • Census Forms
    • Insurance Claims
    • Shipping Forms
    • Warranty Card Insurance Claims
    • Student and Immigration Forms