As a business grows it is imperative that its operations and related documents also pile up. Along with this is the need for improved compliance along with industry regulations and the risk of litigation also grows. The need for quick access to accurate business documents has never been greater and manual document management just does not fit the bill anymore.


Make Mbsap work in 24 hours!

    Mbsap document management services

    Mbsap provides full data entry, document conversion and management, indexing and file conversion services with highest accuracy, efficiency, economy, and customer service in the business. Our document management solutions streamline and simplify the processing of inbound and outbound documents. We can also digitize and categorize documents for easy storage and retrieval.

    Mbsap can convert your papers, books or old computer files into organized and useful digital information. Based on your company’s requirements we will select the method most relevant for your project. This might include keyboarding, optical character recognition, or double key entry with verification.

    Mbsap can help your organization to cut tremendous costs in document management. Here’s what we can do for you:

    • Index, store, retrieve, view and annotate documents
    • Data keying from paper into database formats
    • Engineering document management systems
    • Microfilm into digital docs
    • Backfile scanning and conversion
    • Conversion of plan drawings into CAD

    And many more document management activities

    Why choose Mbsap for document management services?

    Cost-effective services

    Mbsap has been providing document management solutions to global clients for many years and our experience in this area make us extremely competent. This results in low-cost, quick conversion services for our customers.

    Dedicated and skilled personnel

    We have talented individuals trained specifically in producing work of accuracy and quality. The Mbsap team uses double-monitors and this ensures less errors and less time consumption. If you wish to train our employees working on your projects during the transition process you can visit our premises and take advantage of our state-of-the-art training facilities.

    Stringent quality control measures

    Mbsap also places great importance on quality control. Each document is checked individually for accuracy to ensure optimum readability. All work done by Mbsap goes through stringent quality control processes before being forwarded to the customer.

    Data compliance

    Mbsap professionals take optimum care to ensure that our document management services demonstrate compliance with data protection and environmental legislation. We will help you comply with the Data Protection Act in all our work, providing customers with the relevant certification when we destroy documents on their behalf. We also demonstrate compliance with the new legislation on reducing waste going to the landfill – providing all necessary certification to support your company’s environmental policy.