Insurance companies, educational institutions and financial establishments need to process a large number of enrollment applications. They spend considerable time and resources on enrollment related data entry jobs like new service offerings, enrollment of a new member and open enrollment. This further increases the burden on company’s internal human resource capabilities and the overall cost structure. An effective alternative is to outsource non-core tasks to a reliable service provider.


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    Mbsap Enrollment Forms Data Entry Services to Mbsap

    At Mbsap, we follow a strict workflow management process that ensures superior quality data entry with high levels of accuracy. Files received through paper / fax or electronic transfers are processed using our proprietary automated software that helps in verifying eligibility at the time of enrollment. It notifies error if the eligibility verification process fails. We assign a dedicated and experienced project manager for each client account to ensure that all deliverables are adequately met as per the client’s expectations.

    Our enrollment forms data entry services include both offline and online data entry for all kinds of enrollment forms; including, Retirement enrollment forms and Student enrollment forms. We deliver completed data in different formats including Database format, Excel (.xls), Word (.doc), Acrobat (.pdf), Access (.mdb), HTML (.htm), ASCII and Text (.txt). We also provide the final output to clients via CD, DVD, e-mail, FTP upload or direct modem transfer.