When you start a company, everything is as simple as having a team for every operation and delegating tasks such that everything is properly taken care of. It is very similar in the case of server management operations. However, as you keep expanding, have more customers, have more data to deal with, it becomes a real task to handle and operate servers efficiently with the help of a team that has a limited number of professionals. What puts more pressure on the team is the increasing requirements like being proficient in handling different equipment like routers, services, etc. while aligning all the operations to the greater goal of reducing the costs involved. This is when outsourcing server management services can be a gamechanger, enhancing the way your servers are operated hassle-free. A server management service providing company can take the burden off your shoulders.


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    Server Management Services We Offer

    Mbsap offers complete server management services in India and offshore to companies of all sizes and from different verticals so that our clients can give unparalleled focus to their business while we handle server monitoring, hardening, and every bit of service about server management to keep your business running smoothly. Here are the different server management services that we provide, keeping you completely covered –

    Servers require undivided attention to be administered such that there are no loopholes, ensuring optimum functioning. Our server administration services are aimed at taking care of the server health in advance, preventing possible issues.

    Server hardening is the process that consists of operations and techniques for tightening the security and identifying possible threats to take preventive measures. This is a part of our server administration services; however, they can also exclusively opt. Some of the steps we take for server hardening are security audits, checking for vulnerability, and system application examinations.

    We conduct server configuration while taking into account the requirements of your business for optimizing the effectiveness of the infrastructure. We involve experienced server engineers who come up with server management strategies that bring down both downtime and costs. Whether it is custom configuration, server re-configuration, or mail server configuration, we have your back.

    Server optimization is one of the crucial services that ensure your server is not slow. A slow server can be a big challenge for your business. Any issues that hinder the speed of the server are identified and resolved to make sure that the server speed is uncompromised.

    Our team of experts is dedicated to keeping a close eye on the server operations for best server monitoring so that any malicious activities can be identified for taking proactive measures.

    Our server troubleshooting team is dedicated to checking for configuration errors, issues in the hardware, and locates the root cause of issues and implement tried and tested techniques that help in efficient troubleshooting.

    We offer timely server updates to ensure that the security is not compromised and is up-to-date combatting security threats and issues that increase the downtime.