Are you looking for insights into the macroeconomic developments and trends that are affecting the global and domestic economy? Are you looking for visually-appealing and data-driven macroeconomic reports that present reliable and accurate macroeconomic trends and patterns? Are you looking to capitalize on insights related to consumption levels, fiscal policies, unemployment rates, investment trends, and market prices? If so, you are in the right place.


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    Macroeconomics Reports Services We Offer

    Mbsap is a leading provider of macroeconomics reports services in India and abroad and has helped numerous companies with their macroeconomics research and analysis needs. Using a combination of both historical data and future forecasts, we create compelling macroeconomics reports that provide our clients with the actionable intelligence they need to make the best possible business decisions. Offshore macroeconomics report services to us and make informed decisions to steer your company in the right direction.

    We provide a full range of macroeconomics report solutions, including, but not limited to –

    Reports on Fiscal Policies

    Mbsap provides comprehensive fiscal policy reports that report in-depth on how tax rates and spending levels are affected by government policies and how they influence specific economies. We provide a neutral review and presentation of where tax rates have been raised or lowered and their corresponding impact on demand for goods and services.

    Audit Support Services

    We provide a complete range of audit support solutions to our clients, covering everything from risk management to security policies and everything in between. We provide expert audit support services before, during, and after the audit process.

    Reports on Product Competition

    We provide comprehensive product competition reports that detail all the products/services that are in direct or indirect competition with your product/service. We research and analyze in-depth how your product/service is being affected by your competitors’ products/services and devise strategies to better position your product/service for success.

    Capital Asset Advisory Services

    We help you create a solid investment portfolio that has a diverse range of fund types in order to spread the risk and maximize the returns. Our professionals can assist you in choosing just the right funds to invest in based on their performance in previous years.

    Reports on Gross National Products (GNP)

    We provide expert and reliable reports on the gross national product of specific geographies and help you identify which areas are seeing growth and which areas are seeing a decline. We can calculate the total value of products and services created by a specific country or region, including domestic investments, exports, government spending, and income earned from overseas.

    Structured Finance and Private Equity Reports

    Our expert private equity and structured finance reports are aimed at making the economic landscape clearer for you in order for you to make better-informed decisions. We provide accurate and reliable market investment valuations and conduct interviews with management teams to get deeper insights.

    Reports on Inflation Rate and Unemployment

    Our inflation and unemployment reports are comprehensive and present statistics on the level of inflation and the amount of unemployment and their effects on the macroeconomic environment. Changing economic conditions can have a direct impact on the unemployment rate and inflation and therefore, we make sound forecasts to help you make the right decisions.

    Valuation of Start-ups

    We help with accurately valuing start-ups. We value start-ups based on both qualitative indicators as well as quantitative attributes and therefore we provide a wholesome evaluation that accurately reflects the true value of the start-up.

    Reports on Supply and Demand

    We provide accurate and reliable supply and demand reports that are both visually-compelling and informative. We correlate the price levels in a specific country with particular goods and services and draw out insightful trends that can help you better navigate the changing economic landscape. We also present highly-accurate supply and demand curves for specific time-periods.

    Assessment of Intellectual Property

    We have experience and expertise in accurately assessing the value of your intangible assets, such as your intellectual property, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, publicity rights, trade secrets, and moral rights.

    Transaction Advisory Services

    With our transaction advisory services, you can better manage your capital in the present to gain the maximum value in the future. We provide expert advice on investing strategies as well as on how to optimize or raise capital efficiently and effectively.

    Valuation of Intangible Assets

    There are many assets that a company owns that are intangible but still have value. We help you identify the intangible assets that have real economic value and help you factor in this value in your accounting.

    Tax Advisory Services

    We provide an entire range of tax advisory services for clients all over the world. With our expertise by your side, you can confidently navigate the confusing and complex environment of taxation laws and regulations. We also provide expert advice related to tax restructuring valuation, tax-saving techniques, statutory tax compliances, and other tax-related issues.

    Reports on Key Indicators

    We provide expert reports on key macroeconomic indicators affecting economies at the national and international scale. We evaluate businesses using key indicators, including forecasting data, historical data, or other specific data such as company-specific or industry-specific data.