Our services are offered to clients who have a tight turnaround expectation. If you have a deadline or an impending bottleneck in your practice, we are right people you need to get in touch to resolve all the performance concerns to make your practice more efficient and patient-centric. We are also a HIPAA compliant partner whom you can trust with your patient’s confidential data.


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    MRI Interpretation Services We Offer

    Mbsap has the competence to help you avoid making bad decisions in treatment methods. To do so, we take all necessary precautions including multi-tier checks to deliver truly world-class MRI interpretation services. Our MRI interpretation services include –

    Cardiac MRI Interpretation

    Mbsap has certified teleradiologists who interpret cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging and scan photos to discover the cardiac disease, as well as examine veins, coronary blood vessels, and anatomy of the patient’s heart. Mbsap radiologists can also read cardiac MRI in congenital cases where a patient’s cardiovascular system is thoroughly analyzed to understand the function and structure. They also have the competence to read reports to diagnose tissue damage to the heart.

    Spinal MRI Interpretation

    MRI interpretation of the vertebrae can also be done by our teleradiologists. We read reports of patients with symptoms such as brain cancer, fever, chronic back pain, limb weakness, lower back injury, bladder issues, etc. They even interpret complex reports involving herniated disks, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disk disease.

    Brain MRI Interpretation

    Our MRI interpretation experts can read brain stem imagery to find aneurysms, cysts, inflammatory conditions, brain tumors, infections, bleeding, swelling, injury to sensory nerves in the brain. We also analyze cases of patients who report dizziness, weakness, headaches, vision changes, and multiple sclerosis using cutting edge MRI techniques.

    Our MRI Interpretation Services Are Ideal For

    • Mobile MRI Units
    •  Physician Groups
    •  Private Practices
    •  Mobile/MRI/CT/ Services
    •  Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTFs)
    •  Outpatient Clinics
    •  Small to Mid Sized Hospitals
    •  Specialty Clinics and Multispecialty Clinics
    •  Office-Based Imaging Practices
    •  Imaging Centers
    •  Urgent Care Centers

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