What criteria would you consider while choosing a service provider that can help you with appointment setting for IT companies? Would you prioritize the lead generation strategy or their experience? Though it has its own advantages, but, by insourcing lead generation services for IT companies, IT solution providers miss the opportunity to serve ready-to-buy customers. What if you could get the best of both worlds by choosing lead generation experts like us?

Mbsap is a company that has earned its stripes for being a trust-worthy provider of lead generation for IT companies. With a deep understanding of the global IT industry, we, at O2I, provide lead generation for software companies without overshooting the budget. We track the best leads, generate crystal clear reports, and provide round-the-clock assistance to your sales team

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    What are The Lead Generation Solutions for IT companies Offered by Mbsap?

    Mbsap is laden with lead generation solutions for IT companies that will supply only quality leads to your sales pipeline so that your sales team need not face hurdles during the deal closure. We offer an array of lead generation services for IT companies that includes the following –

    It is a key step where the lead data furnished through web forms and fill outs are accurate. We also verify of the customer is a business that is keenly looking for a service or a solution. The initial assessment is performed, and the lead score is assigned based on their interest in your service and the time spent on your website. We also assess additional parameters such as open rates to gauge the probability of sales.

    We also segment the qualifying leads to help you decide if they are ideal to receive your marketing campaigns. We will make initial calls or send emails representing your business. Alternatively, you can avail our customized lead data should you decide to approach leads on your own.

    We will provide you access to campaign insights aggregated by our analytics team. This data can be accessed via a web portal by creating a dedicated account for centralized management. We can integrate with your existing CRM as well as implement a custom CRM if you do not own a platform. We also appoint a dedicated account manager who will handhold you through the process and help you manage campaigns with ease.

    With our lead database, you can connect with every prospective business by email, direct mail, or phone call. Get in touch with decision makers and top representatives who make buying decisions. Selecting the best lead to work with can be a challenge without insights that enhance your knowledge of your target audience. This gap in information is bridged by our efforts and reviewing your leads in depth to save your valuable time.