The ever-changing market pose quite a challenge when it comes to finding the right stocks at the right time. Mbsap provides high-end, targeting and value-added equity research services that help investors to find the right stocks without any hassle. With over two decades of experience in providing a wide array of financial research services, backed by a client-centric fundamental research model, Mbsap leads the way with a growing list of clients that includes Fortune 1000 companies. Mbsap skilled analysts offer valuable insights and help clients gain an edge over competition with head-of-the-curve ideas.


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    Our Equity Research and Analysis Services

    Mbsap equity research analysts conduct extensive research on the different aspects that affect equity returns; such as, Exchange Rates, Macroeconomics Factors, or the Industrial Structure. The team helps companies with following equity research services –

    • Financial Modeling
    • DCF Analysis
    • WACC Analysis
    • Earnings forecast
    • Sensitivity Analysis
    • Company Background Profile
    • Company Research
    • Comparable Company Analysis
    • Competitive Advantage Analysis
    • Segment Analysis
    • IPO Analysis