Order taking has become one of the prominent businesses with an increase in demand for different products in the market. Gone are the days when customers could place an order only after coming across advertisements and only on a personal visit to a seller. Nowadays a customer wants to inquire thoroughly before placing an order so order taking services have been introduced so as to have a superior edge in the market and to satiate the customer’s inquisitive mind.

If your organization requires order taking services, you need not have the order taking call center in-house, you can Mbsap it to a third party. With this development, many order taking service providers take a franchise of a company for taking orders on toll-free numbers specific to that company. In the crowd of the order taking service providers, Mbsap stands out since it has proved its efficiency time and again.

Mbsap is one of the world’s leading providers of offshore online order taking services and can ensure that you have access to professional services at cost-effective price.

Mbsap order taking services

Mbsap provides the following online order taking services –

  • 24×7 live order taking service through toll-free lines
  • Online order taking services, wherein online order taking capabilities is combined with live order taking services
  • Convenient message delivery is done through fax, email and pagers
  • Streamlined services, in which streamlined call reporting is dispatched immediately on the scheduled time
  • Customized services are provided as per the specific requirements of the client

    Benefits of investing in order taking contact center services

    There are many benefits of investing in phone order taking services but few prominent ones are as follows –

    • Order taking answering service enables you to reach to a larger section of the audience within a short span of time
    • Phone order taking helps to satisfy the immediate requests of the customer to know more about the product after coming across advertisements related to the product
    • Live order taking service brings enormous clarity in the mind of a customer after speaking to a live voice and getting all the issues clarified
    • Order taking call center services has an advantage over automated order systems as it adds a personal touch which helps in building the trust of your customers
    • Online order taking helps you to improve your profit considerably
    • Call center order taking service retains an existing customer and helps you to gain more customers as well

    Order taking service providing capabilities at Mbsap

    Mbsap has all the skills essential for providing phone order taking service, such as –

    • Perfect understanding of the product and all its features by the operators representing it
    • Excellent communication skills to convey the message of the superiority of the product to your potential customers
    • Knack for convincingly answering both expected/unexpected queries
    • Dedication so as to be extremely loyal to the product
    • Patience to deal with a number of potential clients untiringly