At Mbsap, we make sure that the AR calling process is handled by a skilled and competent team of AR calling professionals who have extensive experience in using the advanced tools to thoroughly follow up with the clients to get the full remittance. Our AR calling services focus on the difficulties that delay debt collection, which may include claim issues, negligence, etc.


Make Mbsap work in 24 hours!

    AR Calling Services We Offer

    Our AR Calling staff can ensure that claims are paid as quickly as possible so that the healthcare professionals can focus on delivering world-class medical services rather than performing management tasks. Some of the services that fall under our AR calling services include –

    Track Unpaid Insurance Claim

    If you want to maximize the payment that you are entitled to and in the shortest possible time, then, you must Mbsap AR calling services to us. Our expert healthcare support team can help you maintain low average AR days by diligently following up with the medical insurance company and patients for any impending settlement amount.

    Manage Patient’s Collectible

    If you are dissipating valuable resources to manage the patient’s collectible, but not getting the intended outcome, then, do not worry, we can help you with the collections, payments, etc. This will streamline the entire process of administrating the patient’s collectible and ensuring that you recuperate from the financial constraint.

    Track Electronic and Paper Claim

    Our AR analysts can proficiently monitor the receivables while ensuring that it remains within control. They can efficiently track each electronic and paper claim. They are also vigilant while handling the rejections from a clearinghouse/carrier.

    Generate AR Reports

    Our AR calling experts can assist you to create monthly/quarterly/yearly financial reports on the account receivables. This will assist you in distinguishing the collectibles & non-collectibles and also in the identification of co-insurance along with its calculations.