EHR charting is the systematic documentation of patient’s clinical data and medical history and includes demographics, vital signs, diagnosis, immunization details, lab, and test results as well as treatments undergone. EHR improves patient care by reducing medical errors, test duplication, treatment delays and gives a patient better insight about their health. It accelerates claims benefits and audit checks. Logging into multiple systems to gain access to patient details can toss productivity and accuracy can be compromised.


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    EHR Chart Building Services We Offer

    Over the last decade and a half, Mbsap has established itself in offering premier EHR chart building services in India. Our high success rate is attributed to the intricate knowledge of EHR chart building for medical billing. Mentioned below is a list of services that we indulge in when it comes to acquiring successful benefits utilizing EHR charts –

    Chart Building via EHR Software

    We thoroughly analyze the list of prerequisite documents handed over to us mandatory for chart development. This includes all previous medical records and policy details such as case files, treatments undergone, policy detail validation, information of deductibles, co-insurance details, payable benefits, effective policy date, all-round information of coverage, etc. All information is added into an EHR system to generate an EHR chart. It is a robust software where information from one module can easily be filled-up into the other reducing error. Integration with our billing module can help with assigning correct codes thereby ensuring no mistakes.

    Medical History

    We provide you with a detailed write-up of the patient’s medical conditions from birth. It includes immunization details, allergies, family history, medication, surgeries, treatments underwent, doctor information. All these patient particulars prove to be valuable during the assessment of the current condition enabling doctors to gain insights when they have a summation of patient history. This includes.

    Medical Encounters and Test Results

    Every visit and detail on the patient’s current condition such as the reason for visit, diagnosis, vital signs, and course of treatment is gathered and tabulated. All scans, blood tests, biopsies, physical examinations details are stored and managed so that they are easy to find and read in an instant. This reduces treatment time and in cases where you have switched doctors, it helps them gain insights into a patient’s condition.

    Medication and Prescriptions Particulars

    We meticulously store all prescription and medication details. All the recommended dosages are neatly filed. This can be printed and even sent electronically to the pharmacy and/ or insurance company. You don’t have to worry about losing any crucial documentation again.

    PHI Copying

    As per HIPAA patients can ask and obtain a copy of their health information. All our charts are sent across electronically securely and can be accessed via passwords.

    Specialty Charting Templates

    Depending on the treatment provided by a physician, surgeon, and/ or dentist we understand that patient charts can vary. We thus customize charts based on the type of treatment undertaken that makes for easier reads and comprehension.

    Data Migration for EHR Chart Building

    We can access your systems remotely in real-time to acquire all the necessary data relevant to the EHR chart development. This includes patient and treatment history, consulting physician/surgeon details, hospital/ clinic information, prior appointments, etc. We also keep ready all the codes corresponding to the treatment making it easy for claiming insurance.

    Pre-set Guidelines and Progress Notes

    Our charts come with pre-set parameters and normal values/ranges of test criteria that the physician can use to measure patient stats against. This accounts for faster evaluations and treatment. Upon intimation, we continuously update the progress of the patient into our system. This ascertains that no detail is left out for future assessments.

    Claims Processing using EHR Charting

    All EHR inputs are entered into the latest billing software to ensure no problems arise during processing. As per your request submit the claim papers to you for analyses and wait for your approval to submit the final report. All filing of claims is done according to the protocol of the insurance company that you opted for. Claims that pass the editing process are then translated to HIPAA-compliant ANSI format are sent across to the insurance company.

    Claims Resolution and Review via EHR Charts

    Any disputes that could arise at any stage are effortlessly handled by our efficient team. Our staff intervenes and clears any doubts between the claim and the company. Clear access to EHR charts will clear any doubts/ misconceptions that arose in previously denied/ rejected claims caused by misspelling errors, incorrect diagnose/service code, any invalid or missing data. All old charts are analyzed and missing details are incorporated.

    EHR Importance for Claims Resubmissions and Benefit Recovery

    We handle claims that were previously denied/ rejected are appealed for reconsideration. We strive to ensure that your EHR reflects all information in compliance with insurance norms. We rectify and resubmit all claims as a fresh application. We provide you with an e-copy and/ or a hard copy.

    EHR Chart Data Indexing and Maintenance

    We maintain a data repository that besides including patient history documented in EHR charts also contains all-round insurance coverage information, EOBs, patient information, and treatment undergone. This accounts for faster retrievals for quick treatments in case of emergencies in the future. The history of all previous claims is kept confidential and maintained systematically. You can contact us at any stage for a duplicate copy of the EHR chart.

    Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)

    Based on your EHR chart history, we inform you of the expenses covered by the health care/insurance provider as well as the payments that you could be responsible for. We give complete details on deductibles, co-payments options as well as insurance plan exclusions.

    Accounting Support via EHR Analysis

    With access to your EHR details, our staff minutely cross-checks all the financial details sent to us by the insurance company. With us, you can be assured of obtaining the maximum pay-out with fewer payment delays from your insurance provider.

    Pre-authorization Analysis

    Using EHR charts we send out pre-authorizations to gain maximum insurance benefits. Our billing managers inform the insurance company of the dental procedure to be performed on the patient, in advance, which requires the insurance company to intimate on how much will they reimburse the dental clinic/ office and how much will be the patient’s responsibility. We help send across X-rays and/ or EHR charting for the same if required. Without pre-authorization, an insurance company can deny payments. Hence it is strongly advised.

    Electronic Payer Remittance (ERA)

    We ascertain that all compensations due are released at the earliest. All old remittance claims are swiftly dealt with by rectifying any errors. We put together a well-rounded EHR chart to ensure that any wrongly calculated amounts, payments to be recovered from secondary insurers, etc. are dealt with at the earliest.

    Post-Payment Support

    We offer full post-payment support by carefully calculating payments in the billing software. We help sort out payments and offer assistance with secondary claims. In cases where the checks are bundled we meticulously check if all treatments are accounted and paid for. If not, we help you acquire the benefits of secondary insurance. The above procedure makes it easy for obtaining full remunerations.

    Online Tracking of Claims Application

    You will be provided with a link to our online tracking system where you can check the progress of your application. If we detect any hurdles during the tracking process they are immediately verified and rectified by us.