As businesses examine their digital transformation needs, cloud master data management is growing rapidly. Nearly 40% of all servers are estimated to operate on cloud platforms by 2022. It is driving new business practices and operations. While many organizations use their on-premises backup systems to extend to the cloud; by 2022 the industry is bound to use cloud-based solutions for more than 75% of backups, reducing the use of legacy on-premises tools by a great margin.


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    Cloud Data Management Services We Offer

    Being a leading cloud data management service provider in the world, we deal with several clients with varying requirements. Hence, at Mbsap, we provide a wide range of cloud data management services for data management, including –

    Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Data Protection is a thorough, yet simple to use information security arrangement that consolidates backup recovery with disaster recovery. It conveys reinforcement, replication, and disaster recovery for all outstanding tasks at hand, in the cloud, across different clouds, and in mixed conditions. It gives reliable recuperation of information and applications, virtual machines, and holders, alongside clear recoverability of replicas, cost-streamlined cloud information versatility, security, and tough ransomware insurance, and adaptable copy data management to use protected data for DevOps, testing, and investigation.

    • Multi-cloud Backup – Backup handling for files, applications, databases, virtual machines, containers, and other endpoints.
    • Application & Database Protection – Our single software program offers failover management for all your critical enterprise applications (SAP S/4HANA, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Active Directory).
    • Data Virtualization – Protect, monitor, and manage your data in cross infrastructures efficiently. By outsourcing cloud data management services with us, you can recover, transform, and re-cycle your VMs much faster and extend data protection policies regardless of where they exist.
    • Disaster Recovery Solutions – User-friendly disaster recovery software solutions along with orchestration, automation, and certifiable recovery for business endurance across on-premises and cloud environments.

    HyperScale X

    A novel file system that is sure to improve performance, scalability, resiliency of data and provide much more flexible licensing potentials. The HyperScale X dashboard simplifies management by monitoring all HyperScale-explicit storage. Easily and quickly review the health and performance of hardware mechanisms and receive notifications if and when the SLAs are not met.

    Software-defined Storage

    Simplify your substructures with an integrated solution for block, file, and object storage. Comprehensive API programmability with backing across OS, hypervisors, and containers to ensure flexibility and dexterity that applications need. Gauge data storage performance and capacity dynamically through off-the-shelf x86 and ARM servers.

    • Begin with as few as five nodes and progress to 900 or more
    • Provision Block, File and Object storage
    • Install flash or hybrid SSD/HDD storage nodes
    • Backing for container settings, alongside integrations with Kubernetes, Docker, D2iQ, and OpenShift
    • Integrate straightly with a complete set of APIs

    SaaS Recovery & Backup

    Backup storage options are designed for Office 365 and Endpoints including unlimited Azure Storage so you can keep a local copy for a prompt recovery.

    • All-inclusive handling across all workloads
    • Ransomware protection and built-in anomaly detection
    • Flexible recovery with granular search, out-of-place, and point-in-time restore options
    • Effortless scale (1 terabyte to 10k+)
    • Automated daily hassle-free backups
    • In-flight data encryption across all spaces
    • Rapid deployment