Patient safety is a critical component of drug development. Coupled with this are the ever-changing regulatory requirements and adverse event (AE) reporting that afflict the drug discovery process, keeping the pharma companies always on their toes. At Mbsap, we provide comprehensive pharmacovigilance services to help pharma companies automate and streamline their traditional drug discovery processes, increase research accuracy, strengthen work efficiency and improve product quality.


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    Pharmacovigilance Services We Offer

    As a leading pharmacovigilance company in India, Mbsap offers end-to-end pharmacovigilance solutions to a large number of clients across the globe. Backed by a strong and highly experienced team of pharmacovigilance experts, drug safety physicians, medical writers, and PV subject matter experts, we offer various scalable, AI-powered solutions to help our life science clients effectively manage drug development and discovery for superior outcomes. Our range of pharmacovigilance solutions include –

    Pharmacovigilance Consulting

    We provide comprehensive pharmacovigilance consulting services to help you tackle all strategic challenges on your route to successful drug discovery. Leveraging our deep institutional knowledge and automated process, we bring all the relevant drug discovery information to your table to help you advance your drug discovery cycle, effectively manage drug development processes and deliver solutions that help improve patients’ lives.

    Clinical Trial Vigilance

    We help you effectively manage and maintain the safety and accuracy of drug discovery clinical trials, right from Phase 1 to Phase 4. From helping you score the emerging trends to evaluate ongoing research trials and highlight potential compliance issues, our pharmacovigilance experts make sure you have all the information in place for quicker drug discovery and improved patient safety.

    Drug/Patient Safety Services

    Pharmacovigilance experts at Mbsap provide comprehensive drug safety services to minimize the adverse effects of drug trials in clinical trial participants. Through versatile technologies and intelligent data analysis capabilities, we help companies access the safety and efficacy of their drugs. From collecting sophisticated drug safety data to in-depth analysis and reporting, our comprehensive patient safety services help pinpoint all the potential drug safety concerns early-on.

    Regulatory Compliance Services

    Our end-to-end compliance regulatory technologies and advisory services help you create an intelligent, integrated approach for compliance management. By reviewing and auditing your current drug discovery processes and identifying gaps and compliance issues, we help you effectively meet all the national and international regulatory requirements.

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