At Mbsap, we provide expert physician referral services to help doctors and healthcare centers get accurate and detailed data about their patients, whilst helping the patients get in touch with the right healthcare specialist. Our custom physician referral services in India are the best way to promote your services and get maximum returns on your healthcare marketing efforts. Equipped with all the required medical data, our call center executives help patients get all the relevant information regarding you and your healthcare services to help them easily reach out to you, especially during an emergency.


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    Physician Referral Services We Offer

    Mbsap is India’s leading physician referral services providing company that offers streamlined communication solutions to both patients and healthcare organizations. Backed by a team of highly trained and certified medical callers, we offer expert telephone answering services and solutions to help you effectively reach out to your patients and offer seamless, compassionate healthcare services at the hour of need. Our range of services include –

    Appointment Scheduling

    Acting as your medical office virtual receptionist, we help the right set of patients reach out to you. Having access to your daily as well as a weekly schedule, we can assist your patients to fix a new or follow-up appointment as well as make urgent referrals after hours.

    Nurse Triage Services

    We provide 24/7 nurse triage support to the patient in need. After quickly understanding the patient’s need and emergency medical requirements, our expert medical callers connect them directly to one of your nurses or physicians for professional medical advice. They’d also forward the message to the doctor should the patient need the physician’s help. Our round-the-clock nurse triage services not only help patients avail immediate medical assistance but also help you improve your practice’s performance and profitability.

    Physician Referral Reporting

    We also provide a comprehensive referral reporting service to help you capture and analyze accurate information about your patients’ footfall. We can help you understand your patient’s referrals by intelligently capturing your data according to different data points or the mode of reference, i.e.,

    • Referrals by specialty
    • Referral by provided
    • Referrals by geographic location
    • Caller demographics

    Our detailed physician referral reports can not only help you understand gaps in your practice but also help you strengthen your marketing efforts and returns on investment.

    Key Benefits of Physician Referral Services

    Physician referring services offer multiple advantages to both the patients as well as the healthcare provider. While it helps the patients reach out to the right physician, based on their preference, it helps doctors and healthcare facilities –

    • Promote their services
    • Get access to the right set of patients who are interested in availing their services
    •  Take care of after-hours referral calls
    •  Schedule appointments
    •  Field emergency calls

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