To accurately locate, access, and retrieve the medical data, digitizing the clinical information has become the need of the hour. But the medical sector, including hospitals, clinics, physicians, doctors, and medical billing company generate a substantial amount of data. This makes the task of storing data in an electronic format a time-consuming and laborious job. When the medical data, including patient & treatment details, chart information, insurance plans, claims & billing data, diagnosis information, settlement records, etc., are presented in an electronic format, it helps streamline the administrative operations, ultimately allowing to render better patient care.


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    Medical Data Entry Services We Offer

    By Mbsap medical data entry services to us, you can acquire operational efficiencies and gain better ROI by focusing on your core capabilities. We carry out data extraction, data archiving, and data capturing on different kinds of healthcare records, including –

    • Hospital Records
    • Surgical treatment Records
    • Clinical & Healthcare Records
    • Text and numeric data entry
    • Account & Billing Records
    • Demographics entries
    • Document data entry
    • Payment posting
    • Lab or Test Data Records
    • Medication records
    • Patient details & chart information
    • Healthcare insurance claim forms
    • Charge entries
    • Image data entry