Mbsap is a leading provider of EMR software development services to clients in India and globally. We have worked with numerous healthcare providers for over 22 years and provided them the electronic medical record software and electronic medical record solutions that perfectly matched their requirements. The EMR software solution that we offer can also be joined to your practice management software and medical billing software to provide you with a fully integrated healthcare solution.


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    Our EMR Software Development Services

    We are a leading EMR software development service providing company and can help you address a wide range of EMR software development requirements. Our EMR software development services include –

    EMR/EHR Development Services

    We have a team of specialist software developers and engineers that has significant experience in building EHR and EMR software backed by a robust and secure database with dedicated patient portals, integrated features, and medication tracking.

    EMR/EHR Integration Services

    If you are looking to integrate your EMR/EHR software with third-party apps, our expert software engineers can help you do just that. We can integrate your EMR system with tools like medical billing and reporting apps and insurance apps.

    Developing Compliant EMR/EHR Systems

    Our team of specialist software developers can help you build certified EMR/EHR systems with HL7 specifications to ensure the secure transmission of patient data. We also build HIPAA-compliant systems using SSL and TLS encryption.

    E-prescribing System Development

    We can help you get rid of the process of switching back and forth between prescription records and services by integrating a robust e-prescribing platform with your EMR software.

    EMR/EHR Mobile App Development Services

    We enable patients and doctors to seamlessly exchange healthcare information by building scalable EMR apps, leading to outstanding results in healthcare quality and accessibility.

    Healthcare Data Analytics Services

    We have worked with numerous healthcare organizations that have massive amounts of data with them to analyze this data by using and implementing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies.