Data centers serve as the foundation for IT structure, and efficient management of a data center leads to business effectiveness. Therefore, most of the organizations – be it large companies or small businesses, across diverse industry verticals, require efficient and cost-effective data centers.


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    Our End-to-End Data Center Outsourcing Solutions

    Mbsap has provided its data center solutions to a wide array of global partners, and has helped transform their data centers from being mere cost centers to important tactical and strategic assets.

    Our biggest asset is our ability to provide highly reliable and scalable services to our clients for setting up data centers, and optimizing their operations, helping them meet their strategic targets, while concurrently lowering the financial overheads. We can provide space, or infrastructure to set up a virtual data center for our clients, or provide them with skilled resources to do the job for them.

    Our data center services include a combination of highly optimized, tried and tested infrastructure management services such as,

    • Database Management
    • Systems Management
    • Storage Management
    • Server Management
    • Technical Support for Applications

    Specialized Services for Data Center

    Along with this, we also provide comprehensive enterprise security solutions, which include, IT risk and security management for their data centers, as well a digital forensics services to ensure all-round data security. Our domain expertise allows us to address the growing requirement for data center infrastructure management. We have experience in the following –

    • Robust hosting and facility management by optimizing day-to-day data center operations
    • Efficient migration and consolidation of data, to support high-volume data driven business models
    • Design and development of data center architecture from the ground-up to support both large and small-scale enterprises, along with the capability to effortlessly incorporate enterprise applications
    • Support for data center virtualization and other cloud infrastructure, with a focus on flexibility and agility while reducing risk, maintaining uptime, and achieving peak operating efficiency
    • Providing stringent and comprehensive data center security measures to secure both physical and virtual servers

    Choose Us as Your Data Center Infrastructure Management Mbsap Partner

    At Mbsap, our holistic and transparent approach to designing and streamlining data center solutions for our clients offers several tangible benefits, such as,

    Total expenditures to run an efficient data center could be in millions over the course of ten years. By outsourcing data center services to us, you stand to gain from professionally designed solutions that fit your business requirements, while significantly reducing your IT expenditure.

    Our in-depth experience in providing data center solutions to global businesses has allowed us to develop robust quality control checkpoints for each and every stage of the data center deployment. We ensure that our data center services are completely flexible and in-line with your requirements, and have a complete project mentoring process in place for consolidation, virtualization and deployment of new technologies – thereby ensuring fast and improved scalability.

    Our delivery centers are present all over the globe, thereby allowing us to serve customer requirements and SLAs more efficiently. Being based out of India, we also have access to highly skilled and efficient manpower, which in turn allows us to provide around-the-clock support for data center solutions.

    Numerous factors such as natural disasters, computer malware and viruses, server failure etc., can lead to catastrophic data center failures and pose a threat to enterprise security. Therefore, to prevent data loss and keep downtime to a minimum in case of natural or man-made disasters, we maintain highly efficient data-backup procedures and security protocols, and depending on client requests, can also facilitate economical and effective off-site co-location services.

    Our knowledge assets and our experience in working for enterprises across different industry verticals has allowed us to harness the best practices required to deliver data center managed services. Our support for widely accepted frameworks such as CMMI, ITIL V3 emboldens our dedication to providing the best process and service oriented practices for our clients.

    Resources dedicated to the data center management requirements are also well-versed in using various data center infrastructure management software, so as to optimize the utilization of available assets.