Running a healthcare business and setting up the process for scaling is a herculean task. It can intimidate even the most established healthcare providers to an extent where Mbsap virtual healthcare BPO services might seem a better alternative. Doctors and healthcare workers juggling multiple administration functions is the last thing hospitals need especially when pandemics and emergencies call for more hands to provide patient care. In such scenarios, the better way to ensure preparedness is to Mbsap virtual healthcare BPO services. In doing so, you leave the reoccurring and other specialized tasks to experts so they can manage healthcare back-office roles to add bandwidth to your in-house team. Our virtual healthcare BPO company is a proponent of healthcare BPO technology and we do our part to reduce attrition and staff burnout in a busy healthcare institution.


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    Virtual Healthcare BPO Services

    As an established virtual healthcare BPO services providing company, we provide a range of coding services to our clients. The most important services among them include –

    Development of Healthcare Web Applications

    Digital adoption in healthcare institutions begins with web application development. The web app serves multiple purposes such as providing information and booking appointments to accepting patient medical data into the CRM. So it all begins with developing a front-end application with a functional interface, firewall, and database support that makes the user experience more intuitive. So, to develop the best web application, you will need a virtual healthcare BPO service provider like us because we have both the technology and the ability to undertake web application development to deliver finished apps and web projects within the stipulated time.

    Payment Collections

    At Mbsap, we offer a range of healthcare collection services that include automated online skip tracing via a national database using a computerized collection system to avoid clerical errors and inconvenience to patients. We also use reporting technology and ensure our methods are HIPAA compliant. We help care providers to have increased cash flow by discovering insurance information. We have comprehensive awareness about third-party payers and their regulatory policies. At all times, we ensure full compliance with state and federal laws.

    Measurement of Patient Satisfaction

    We help you understand and measure the satisfaction of patients who have received care from your facility without mapping dedicated assessors to a unique patient list. We already have experts who can work as an extension of your team to contact recovering and outpatients for identifying service facets that appealed to them and those that didn’t. We will assign scores to individual experience and measure collective results to create patterns so that it becomes easier to improve the service sequence. In the upcoming visit, the optimizations will improve the service outlook.

    Risk Assessment of Patient Health

    Mbsap team of health risk assessment experts create a custom questionnaire to evaluate the health status of patients and aggregate personalized feedback to limit the provider’s exposure and suggest healthcare products and services that meet individual purposes.

    Medicare and Medicaid Support

    As part of our virtual healthcare BPO services, we offer comprehensive Medicare and Medicaid support where we help patients understand their coverage and benefits upon successful completion of eligibility checks. We will provide complete support from scratch so patients are less inconvenienced in their time of need.

    Healthcare Surveys

    The patient opinion helps providers to optimize the experience for new and existing patients in future visits. Not all patients are vocal about their experience and willing to provide instant feedback on hospitalization or consultation. Surveys, on the other hand, help them feel comfortable about sharing experience and if necessary provide recommendations that can be implemented.

    Complaint Addressing

    We will collect complaints from customers who have been unhappy with the care or paperwork. We will analyze the complaints and follow up case by case to attempt resolution of the problem.