PET/CT reporting is a cardinal and essential way that is unleashed to enhance the pace of patient treatments. Although PET and CT image testing have their own strengths and limits individually, combining them both will give more quality and accuracy in diagnosing, localizing, and monitoring severe health conditions like heart disease, brain disorders, cancer, and many more. So, if you are lacking in budget, workforce, expertise, and infrastructure to perform PET/CT reporting, then Mbsap PET/CT reporting service to Mbsap is the best option.


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    PET/CT Reporting Services We Offer

    PET/CT reporting is a cumbersome task for many private practitioners and healthcare organizations. As an experienced PET/CT reporting service providing company, we bring our experience in PET/CT reporting services to you for handling your requirements and on a variety sub-specialities like mammography, neuroradiology, musculoskeletal radiology, paediatric neurography, etc. So, as a reputed PET/CT reporting service provider, Mbsap offers the following services –

    Oncology PET/CT

    As PET/CT scan reports are critical for patients suffering from cancer, Mbsap PET/CT reporting services help physicians in giving more quality care to those patients. Mbsap PET/CT interpretations will give a detailed report on patients’ cancer status which helps physicians in determining the best treatment needed for the patient.

    Cardiac PET/CT

    Cardiac PET/CT reports are interpreted by a set of cardiac imaging experts who have years of experience in Nuclear Cardiology. These reports give interpretation about cardiac viability, revascularization evaluation, and target vessel localization. Mbsapcardiac PET/CT radiology experts provide you with quality and efficient PET/CT scan interpretation that you need for treating the patients.

    Neuro PET/CT

    As Mbsap has a huge workforce, we also have radiology experts capable of providing Neuro PET/CT reporting to the clients. We evaluate Neuro Dementia, whose quantitative analysis is more than 90% specific and sensitive in finding the progression of mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer’s disease in pre-dementia patients. We also have specialisation in reporting on Amyvid neuro study and FDG interpretations for neuro PET/CT.

    MRI and CT Reporting

    Mbsap experienced radiologists have regular training, and thus, expertise in dealing with Body imaging, Neuroradiology, and MSK. To report all these, we employ the most qualified radiologists to make sure that our clients get the most comprehensive reporting services from us.

    Ultrasound/X-Ray Reporting

    For ancillary imaging reports, Mbsap radiologists will provide you with equally efficient and reliable reporting services. These diagnostic report services include ultrasound and X-Ray reporting.

    Support Services

    In addition to above all PET/CT reporting services, we also provide you with all kinds of support services like administration, IT, RIS/PACS, and client support to ensure that all your cardinal needs are met high quality and accuracy.

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