Almost every organization generates a vast amount of data on a daily basis. Effective streamlining, storage and retrieval of such data are vital to the proper functioning of an organization. If data entry is not your core competency, outsourcing data entry to offshore sites or offshore data entry is a cost-effective solution that your company can opt for. If you are looking for a reliable outsourcing provider in India to whom you can outsource data entry services, consider Mbsap your services to Mbsap.


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    Mbsap offshore data entry services

    Mbsap has experienced data entry professionals who are trained to handle large data volumes and any variety of data formats. Mbsap stay assured of professional offshore data processing services.

    The following is a list of the offshore data entry services offered at Mbsap-

    • Our offshore data entry services include data entry, data conversion, data processing, data capturing, OCR and ICR services
    • At Mbsap, data entry services can be availed from any type of source such as – web resources, printed matter, manuscripts, scanned images, financial statements, sales / purchase, payroll records, time sheets, questionnaires, surveys and all kinds of bills, etc
    • We can deliver data entry records to customers as per their specifications in a range of formats such as – MS Word, Excel, PDF format, ASCII format, XML, SGML, HTML, text, data on disk or e-mail or by any other media or format
    • We can also provide data extraction, tabulation and analysis. This helps customers to make profitable business decisions and also effectively manage their data entry projects and databases