Are you looking to develop a user-friendly, dynamic, advanced, and innovative website or web application? Are you looking for free and open-source programming languages to create rich and dynamic websites and web applications? Are you looking to upgrade your existing website or web applications using a versatile and modern scripting language? If so, you should consider PHP programming for developing your website or web application.


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    Our PHP Programming Services

    PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a scripting language and was initially designed for the creation of dynamic web pages. PHP is mostly used in server-side scripting, but it can also be used in a separate graphical application or from a command-line interface. It is the most popular Apache module among the servers that use Apache as a web server. It is the most popular programming language after Java, C and Visual Basic. PHP is a scripting language that is well-suited for web development. It can also be embedded into HTML and be used for command-line scripting and client-side GUI applications. PHP can be deployed on all web servers, operating systems and platforms. PHP is widely used for creating both interactive and dynamic websites.

    Outsource2india provides a complete range of PHP programming services in India and abroad. Our PHP programming services include –

    • Customized web application development
    • Maintaining existing web databases and application
    • We can re-engineer and enhance your existing web application
    • We can perform re-architecture for your MySQL data
    • We perform open-source implementations, including making use of Drupal, WordPress, and Magento
    • We perform PHP framework migration (Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter, etc.)
    • We can provide a backend for your mobile apps and JSON/XML API connectors
    • We provide security and application maintenance for existing PHP-based apps
    • We provide custom PHP application development consulting
    • Our professional PHP professionals can make modifications to your existing web application. We can add more code or change old/outdated code
    • We have the expertise to write code for PayPal and credit card gateways
    • Our PHP programmers can maintain your company’s blog and the number of visitors and backlinks to your blog
    • We can customize your osCommerce solution by creating a unique cart. We can also configure and install osCommerce plug-ins and contributions. Apart from this, we can also ensure that your shopping cart is found by major search engines
    • Our PHP programmers can validate the RSS feeds of the information on your website

    PHP programming is a specialized skill set and it is important to choose wisely when it comes to choosing PHP programming solutions. Outsource PHP web development to Outsource2india to get access to cutting-edge PHP programming expertise. We are an experienced and reliable PHP programming service providing company and can help you with anything to do with PHP.

    Our IT staffing solutions for PHP developers also allow you to hire experienced, trained and qualified PHP developers who have extensive experience in providing different types of PHP programming services.

    Benefits of Using PHP

    There are several advantages of using PHP programming for your organization’s web applications. The following is a list of benefits of using PHP programming –

    • PHP programming is simple to use and implement
    • The syntax of PHP is very similar to Pearl, Java, and C
    • PHP can be used with Unix, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and other operating systems
    • PHP can be used for server-side scripting as well as command-line scripting
    • PHP can be used for creating code for dynamic and static web pages
    • PHP can be used for writing desktop applications
    • PHP is reliable, fast and stable
    • PHP is a language that gets updated on a constant basis
    • PHP can be used as an object-oriented programming tool or as a procedural programming tool
    • PHP can support several web servers