At Mbsap, we provide catalog data entry services for the online categorization of products (including product descriptions and photos). Mbsap online catalog data entry services help e-commerce store’s hike sales effectiveness. Our services aid –


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    Mbsap Accurate Catalog Data Entry Services

    When you outsource to Mbsap you eliminate the need for hiring in-house staff for online data entry. At Mbsap, our data entry professionals take your paper brochures, product catalogs, etc. and enter the information into an online catalog. Further, we place the products in the right categories / sub-categories and display your product pictures alongside, aesthetically.

    The various elements of a catalog which we convert from paper to digital formats include: text, symbols,products, services etc. The ambit of our provisions includes –

    • Catalog creation and indexing
    • Catalog data entry
    • E-commerce order processing
    • Graphics and image support
    • Data mining
    • Catalog conversion

    Data Entry

    At Mbsap, our catalog data entry services include –

      • maintaining catalog/website corrections and making appropriate changes to product database as needed
      • ensuring that all information for the sale of products is up to date including descriptions, weights, shipping methods, images, current pricing etc.
      • paginating catalog pages for production and mapping out website hierarchy

    Catalog Building and Indexing

    We index catalogs to give your customers easy access to all product/service information.

    Product Data Entry

    Our product data entry services include updating product descriptions and categories, stock information, etc. We work on all major e-commerce CMS technologies, including –

      • BoxBilling
      • CubeCart
      • Magento
      • OpenCart
      • osCommerce
      • PrestaShop
      • Quick.Cart
      • TomatoCart
      • WHMCS
      • Zen Cart

    e-commerce Order Processing

    We expedite customer purchases for e-commerce websites and storefronts.For invoicing and shipping customer goods, we use a multi-step process involving capturing order information, ascertaining product availability, and processing electronic purchase.

    Image and Graphic Support

    We use Image creation, clipping, Cropping, Resizing, Tagging and Enhancement, Thumbnail, Zoom View, Background Change, etc. to enhance your images.

    Data Mining

    We mine data on your competition as well as from your spreadsheets, PDF files, Web, e-brochures, e-books, catalogs, etc. to help customers with product information and pricing details from multiple online sources.

    Catalog Conversion Services

    We convert your offline product catalogs into digital catalogs that attract consumers and increase your sales. We add product/service descriptions, optimize product images in the best possible resolutions, and index and update products to increase consumer search ability.