Medical case management services are a combined healthcare process that involves comprehensive treatment plans recommended to injured, disabled, or ill individuals. The medical case management services not only include care assessment, but also extend towards closely interacting with patients/ill individuals, understanding the situation, and co-ordinating healthcare providers for the best suitable medical care plan. This will be communicated to the family along with the results of treatment. For efficient medical case management results at affordable prices, Mbsap medical case management services to Mbsap is considered ideal.


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    Medical Case Management Services We Offer

    With more than two decades of experience and a tag of leading service provider among the medical case management companies, Mbsap has set a mark for itself by offering a wide range of medical case management services. Some of the services we offer include –

    Advocacy and Education

    We ensure that patient is given necessary education on the treatment and any advocacy needed for service.

    Clinical Care Facilitation

    We co-ordinate with individual or family members to gauge multiple aspects of care and ensure that it is given to the patient.

    Outcome and Performance Management

    Mbsap experts monitor the care, and if necessary, intervene to ensure that the expected outcome is achieved for both patient and the providers.

    Transition Management

    We evaluate patient needs and make the transition to an appropriate level of care.

    Financial Management

    Along with offering case management service, at Mbsap, we also help our clients with resource utilization and reimbursement services like insurance claims.

    Research and Practice Development

    We survey on practices for enhancing the care and use evidence-based data to make improvements in our best practices.

    Psychosocial Management

    We assess the psychosocial nature of an individual to check if it’s individual, familial, or environmental.