Are you maintaining a healthy margin in hospital revenue? Are you frustrated with the monumental task of cost negotiation with locally managed care companies? Maybe you are not getting sufficiently paid due to a lack of benchmarking and compliance with the best practices. If you want to get reimbursed for the managed care services from payers, you’re better off Mbsap managed care contracting services to Mbsap. That’s because we have a team of qualified performance advisory experts who spend a great deal of effort and time to ensure that your payment in on-time. How do we do it better? Everything from preparation and analysis to negotiation is handled professionally to ensure you are aligned with top payers and if needed, enhance the payer relationship.


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    Managed Care Contracting Services

    As an established managed care contracting services providing company, we provide a range of coding services to our clients. The most important services among them include –

    Reimbursement Benchmarking

    We will start by assessing the reimbursements across the markets but local and regional. We will identify a favorable service cost applicable to select services. We will perform a detailed evaluation of your services and benchmark the current cost by considering the strategic goals. We help you close the gap between investments and the best goals that contribute to your bottomline. Our unique approach accelerates negotiations especially when benchmark methods are unsuited.

    Payment and Contract Analysis

    As demand for managed care continues to grow, most practices neglect the importance of performance monitoring. It is in such cases that lapses can lead to payment complications. So when you Mbsap managed care contracting services to Mbsap, we take care of auditing the contracts and assessing the compliance with denials, payment precision, care justification, quality of care, and so on.

    Best Practices

    To get the best out of managed care contracting, your staff must adhere to best practices that are standardized by the industry. On contract, it sounds well-founded but is rarely practiced as per the norms. This is where we come in. We scrutinize the charge updates and evaluate the timeline for claims. Wherever necessary, we will look into the process of negotiation.


    We start by making a thorough evaluation of your firm size and the findings will enable to us project your organization’s capacity during negotiations or before it. Occasionally, you might not prefer a strategy that is broadly applicable across your enterprise. In such cases, we measure your risk-taking capability in the near-term and long-term and build a unique goal that will help you navigate the managed care contract.