Creating a campaign to reach the right target audience can be the biggest challenge for customers. Marketing initiatives need to be focused and targeted appropriately to gain maximum mileage. For clients to engage in target-specific campaigns and ensure they are fitting and properly-focused – data is the lifeline. This can help customers to plan meticulously and reap the desired benefits for the company.


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    Our Services

    Mbsap database creation services include –

    • Creation and Maintenance of databases –
      • Business databases
      • Directories
      • Email addresses
      • Contact numbers
      • Customer lists
    • Data collection primarily through secondary research
    • Regular Database updates
    • Verification of Data through dedicated call center facility to ensure higher accuracy

    Benefits of Mbsap Database Creation Services to Mbsap

    • Experienced Professionals – Mbsap data management professionals have a minimum experience of 5 years in their respective fields and can create, update, and maintain databases irrespective of complexities and volumes without compromising on quality
    • Accurate Data – Mbsap team collects data through secondary research and verifies the data to ensure accuracy. The Quality Assessment (QA) team performs strict quality checks to ensure the project meets client’s expected quality benchmark
    • Data Confidentiality – Mbsap high priority on data security ensures only authorized personnel have access to client data where confidentiality agreements for legal compliance are signed. Additionally, the data management team maintains back up of all files for easy retrieval in case of data loss
    • Swift Turnaround – Mbsap multiple delivery centers in different countries, help reducing turnaround time. For clients working on tight schedules, Mbsap also provides overnight turnaround
    • Flexible Pricing – Mbsap flexible pricing structure is designed to suit the budget of different clients. Our prices are based on ‘per project’, ‘per hour’ and have an FTE (full-time equivalent) option