Many of the companies leverage PostgreSQL for a variety of reasons. When you’re looking for a database system that can handle a load of large amounts of data every day with utmost efficiency and agility, PostgreSQL is one of the best options. Whether it is about dealing with a heavy workload or lending complete assistance to application developers, PostgreSQL managed services can help you do it all in the best way. From protecting data integrity to building an environment that is resistant and tolerant to faults, there are so many ways that you can leverage PostgreSQL managed services to your benefit. Furthermore, PostgreSQL complies with the majority of the SQL standards, thus being a completely reliable platform if you have a complex dataset to handle. However, any business must work with a professional PostgreSQL managed service providing company to make the most out of it.


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    What is PostgreSQL

    PostgreSQL is a popular database system for being open source and object-relational. The name PostgreSQL signifies that this system uses SQL language and the many features that offer high-level security in storage and scalability, thus powering environments in handling heavy-load data. With over 30 years of immense hard-work, PostgreSQL started as a project POSTGRES back in the 1980s. What makes PostgreSQL a preferred database system is that it is open-source, thus allowing a large number of companies from around the world to work with it along with other countless features. PostgreSQL has a powerful and infallible architecture, offers high-level data integrity, and is an ACID compliant.

    PostgreSQL is compatible with all the popular operating systems that are majorly used, and for the past many years, PostgreSQL has only increased in popularity, becoming the first preference for many businesses and organizations. Upon outsourcing PostgreSQL managed services, you can utilize all the benefits that this system has to offer, thus optimizing your application development. Whether it is scalability, extensibility, internationalization, or security,

    PostgreSQL Managed Services We Offer

    Mbsap offer PostgreSQL managed services in India and offshore services to companies and independent developers. We offer complete PostgreSQL managed solutions, thus taking the burden of handling the PostgreSQL managed operations off your shoulders as you get to focus on all the core competencies. We work with a team of professionals who are thorough with the features of PostgreSQL and have years of experience in successfully handling related projects for countless companies whether it is PostgreSQL, MySQL, or other open-source systems that are popular and preferred.

    Following are the PostgreSQL managed services and solutions that we offer when you opt for our services –

    • Setup and Maintenance
    • Daily Backups
    • Failover Automation
    • Insight Integration and Altering
    • Detailed reports and Documentation

    Our services primarily include fully managed PostgreSQL and we offer a variety of packages that give you the liberty to opt-out of, based on what exactly you need. This also means that our costs are flexible and customizable. You can contact us to understand our packages and the services that are a part of the different packages.