With the changing equations of competition on the internet, Image tagging and annotation services make way for technically superior visual marketing solutions. Though these services do not require specialized manpower, engaging in image tagging, annotation and bounding-box techniques can make a vast difference and change brand dynamics. At Mbsap, we have the expertise in Data Management and the capability to streamline web businesses through our backend solutions. One of the Mbsap offerings is Annotation & Tagging Services and we are up to date with the latest trends and techniques. In fact, team Mbsap can offer analytical direction and suggest techniques that will support the optimizing and monetizing efforts of visual content through easy-to-implement solutions.


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    Services We Offer

    With over 22 years of experience in data management, Mbsap helps streamline businesses through our niche Image Annotation, Tagging, and Bounding Box Services. These Services offer great advantage in –

    1. Geo-Tagging – Mbsap provides solutions for location mapping projects which facilitates sharing of important geographical points
    2. Multi-label Classification – Mbsap bounding box and tagging services help identify elements through multi-label classification associated with a single image simpler
    3. Image Detailing – Besides using text, Mbsap bounding box and tagging services support in effective image display through multiple views and angles
    4. Image Descriptor – Mbsap bounding box and tagging services can filter search results based on product characteristics and also transcribe inscriptions, signs and words on images
    5. Text Translation – Mbsap services are useful in multiple language scenarios and with advanced techniques finding image-based text translations for search engines is simpler
    6. Image Retrieval – Mbsap tagging and annotation services are useful in image retrieval by matching queries and corresponding annotations