Are you looking to create highly responsive and dynamic websites and web apps? Are you looking to make use of a programming language that provides a powerful framework to create high-quality applications and websites that are comparable with desktop applications concerning load time and processing speed? If so, harnessing the power of JavaScript may be just the way to proceed and we can help you fully tap into the power of this powerful framework.

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    JavaScript Development Services We Offer

    Mbsap provides a complete range of JavaScript development services to suit a wide variety of needs. Our service offering is comprehensive and in-depth, so whatever be your requirement, you can be sure that we will be able to provide high-quality solutions. Our JavaScript development services include –

    We help you use JavaScript to build dynamic and highly-responsive websites. We also use JavaScript to add behavior to web pages where a page responds to actions without needing to load a new page due to processing. We build high-quality websites that allow users to interact with them and perform complex actions. From personalized flagship pages to payment gateways, e-commerce portals, booking engines, content submission dashboards, and much more – we do it all.

    With the improvement in browsers and personal computers, it has become possible to use JavaScript to create powerful web applications. For instance, consider Google Maps. To explore in Google Maps, all one needs to do is to click and drag with a mouse. JavaScript works behind the scene to add new details to the maps. We have extensive experience in using JavaScript to create a wide variety of sophisticated web apps.

    At present, more than half of the people who go online prefer to do so through their mobile phones. Hence businesses need to develop high-quality mobile apps. We have extensive experience in using jQuery Mobile and Vue.JS to develop a wide range of mobile web applications. Our expert team also knows how to expertly work with hybrid app development tools like Ionic and Xamarin to create applications that have high functionality, are lightweight, and perform seamlessly across platforms.

    One very popular use of JavaScript is to create websites from presentations. We have experience and expertise in using the Reveal.js and Bespoke.js libraries to build web-based, aesthetic, and interactive slide decks. These presentations can be made to be touch-optimized and to work well with mobile devices, including phones and tablets. We can also use JavaScript to provide different transition themes, styles, and slide backgrounds.

    We have extensive experience with using Node.js on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime to build quick and scalable network applications. We can also use JavaScript to handle HTTP requests and generate content. We can write thick applications on the client-end and also write the logic on the server so that cognitive leaps can be performed from one language to the other.

    We can create a web server using Node.js. One advantage of using Node.js is that it is event-driven and does not wait for the response from the previous call. It goes ahead and moves to the next call. Servers built on Node.js are very quick and do not use buffering to transfer large amounts of data. We also have significant experience in using Express.js, which is a standard server application framework.

    Even though browsers haven’t traditionally been a platform for games in the past, this is now changing with many games being available for play on them. We have a lot of experience and expertise in combining JavaScript with HTML5 to enable sophisticated games to be played on the browser itself. We can also use the Ease.js library, which provides simple solutions to work with rich graphics.

    JavaScript has even made its way into the smartphone app space. Our JavaScript developers have experience with using Pebble.js, which is a JavaScript framework that allows developers to create applications to be deployed on Pebble watches.