As an ever-growing business in the ever-changing and advancing world of technology, transformation is the norm. However, if you’re aiming to digitally transform your company such that you don’t have to compromise on the speed and scalability of the initiative of upgrading your IT infrastructure, you need something powerful and reliable enough to offer a real-time, personalized experience to your end-users. This is why many businesses are turning their heads in the direction of Apache Ignite managed services that help them leverage the many lucrative features that Apache Ignite can offer.


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    What is Apache Ignite?

    Apache Ignite is a renowned Apache Software Foundation project for in-memory computing that is used in the area of deep learning and machine learning. Ignite is an in-memory computing platform that can be deployed for speed and scalability to a range of applications. Apache Ignite includes tremendous features like in-memory data, compute, and service grid. It also boasts features like an in-memory database, advanced clustering, Hadoop accelerator, an in-memory distributed file system, and much more. These, including many other features, offer high speed and scalability. Here are some of the benefits of working with Apache Ignite –

    • It offers memory-centric storage
    • It brings together into memory any kind of data from various third-party databases
    • Apache Ignite supports ANSI-99 compliant SQL, which is a high performance and low-latency SQL
    • It helps improve decision automation by adding deep learning and machine learning continue to applications
    • It can help in adding scalability and speed to the existing applications

    Apache Ignite Managed Services We Offer

    Mbsap offers complete Apache Ignite managed solutions to any company that deals with storage and computing of large amounts of data. In-memory computing can help you deploy your existing application in an improved way by increasing the speed of operations and offering high-level scalability, and it offers the same benefits to new applications as well. We offer a range of packages to allow our clients to go for customized Apache Ignite managed services. This can help you save costs that otherwise would be involved in certain services that you wouldn’t want to opt for.

    We leverage the key features of Apache Ignite to offer you comprehensive Apache Ignite managed solutions. Following are the features that are a part of our Apache Ignite managed services –

    Apache Ignite’s durable memory offers double benefits- while it helps utilize the RAM as a caching layer, it also offers the functionality of deploying the RAM as a fully-functional storage layer. The in-memory data store offers great speed and scalability in terms of unlimited write and read.

    Ignite native persistence integrates with Ignite’s strong memory transparently and seamlessly. It is a distributed disk store that is also strongly consistent. Distributed storage offers the benefits of centralized storage more cost-effectively with the scalability of local storage.

    The data stored, both in the disk and memory of Apache Ignite is ACID-compliant, which means it consists of the four components that result in the completion of the database transaction promptly. These four components are- atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability. This functionality of Apache Ignite can be of a great benefit to your business.

    Structured Query Language is a language that lets the database servers store as well as edit the data on them. It aids in performing various tasks like updating the data on a database and retrieving the data from a database. It allows the execution of a host of fast data manipulation. The best thing about SQL support that Apache Ignite offers is that there is no need for writing any codes.

    This feature of Apache Ignite allows moving the data based on data affinity declaration as the data is distributed to nodes. With this, we can lower the data transmission that happens over the network, thus improving the performance and scalability.

    Linear horizontal scaling offers great elasticity in adding more to your already existing pool of resources. This also means that we can add, remove, or even upgrade nodes to a running cluster in a speedy manner. This is also one of the useful features of Apache Ignite that go into our services.