Simplify your marketing campaign and strengthen your core marketing activities by building customer relationships and tracking them across multiple communication channels

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    Are you facing challenges in your marketing campaigns because of inconsistent customer follow-ups? If yes, do not worry. Our customer follow-up services can help you streamline your marketing campaigns and strengthen your core marketing activities by building customer relationships and following up with them via multiple communication channels, including phones, email, chats, etc.

    Mbsap is an expert provider of customer follow-up services in India. We have a highly experienced team of contact center executives who are proficient in soft-selling procedures. They can forge relationships with the clients by providing information and rendering support.

    Our Customer Follow-up Services

    When a company follow up with its customers and inquire about their buying experience, it shows that you really care about them. This has a long-lasting effect and the customer is more likely to collaborate or buy from/with you. When you decide on Mbsap customer follow-up services to us, we can handle each type of customer follow-ups, including –

    Follow-up for Providing Information

    Our team of skilled call center experts can leverage several communication channels to follow up with customers and provide information related to your business. Our customer follow-up experts can connect with the customers via customized emails, phones, SMS, chats, etc. We have a standard communication style that comprises a time-tested language, structure, email tone, etc.

    Follow-up for Rendering Testimonials

    We can help you gather customer insights on their challenges and interests by focusing on all the touchpoints and help you create an effective marketing or sales campaign. Our team can render business or process insights by dissecting the sales manuals, case studies, etc., and provide it in a simple manner. This will enable your customer to know your product/services in a better way, thus, influencing their buying decisions.

    Ongoing Support

    You can rely on us day in and day out for any support services. We leverage modern tools to communicate with your customers and help them with any sorts of routine support. Our experienced team of customer follow-up experts can resolve any of your customers’ problem instantly.

    Follow-up for Audit

    Under our offshore customer follow-up services, we can also collect information from your customers regarding their opinions/feedback on your product/service. It can be done via phone, SMS/text, emails, etc. This will help you make your business more streamlined or adopt necessary changes.