Platform as a Service (PaaS) is pretty big in the developer universe. It offers app development companies the runtime environment along with tools to develop and deploy apps so that even non-coders can start building web apps with great UI and performance. The great examples that already know of are Google App Engine, Windows Azure, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Salesforce, and Heroku. So where do we come in? As a leading PaaS service provider in India, we bring form and function to web apps to reduce the time to deploy and make use of productive people in other core functions. Not a bad thing when you consider benefits like lower admin overhead, lower owner cost, scalability, and use of the latest software. All that with best-in-class security.


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    Platform as a Service We Offer

    Mbsap has persistently enabled businesses to leverage the Platform as a Service to let them adopt the latest system software for application coding and workflow streamlining. Our Platform as a Service includes –

    Mbsap experts are professionals in PaaS. They provide a custom framework that helps developers to customize their cloud applications using software components just like Excel macro. They can use the features of the framework to make their application better in terms of form and functionality. We help you out to ensure that there is enough room for scalability and multi-tenant capability to shrink the time spent on coding.

    We help organizes to analyze and extract data, interpret patterns from insights, and move in the way of correct forecasts. In the long run, we help clients in making better product design designs that in turn, multiply returns.

    We have rich expertise in the development of add-on components to enhance applications in terms of the directory, scheduling, and data security. Our focus is to give extra legroom for developers to incorporate more value in their delivery model using our Platform as a Service. We provide a great interface for applications on and off the common platform to ensure success.