Customer relationship management (CRM) helps organizations to optimize processes, enhance profitability, and improve customer service. CRM consulting includes consultation services for custom development, application management, and process automation. Mbsap has over 22 years of experience in assisting our clients to identify the best CRM platforms and get expert professional assistance in implementing them.


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    CRM Consulting Services

    As a CRM consulting service providing company, we provide a range of CRM consulting services. These include CRM project consulting services and CRM automation consulting services –

    Our CRM implementation consulting services help you optimize the use of technology with proven practices. We assist our clients to implement and configure the solution in a professional manner and fine-tune it for best outcomes. We believe in multi-phase implementation, which ensures our clients build on the success of the initial deployment. We collaborate with our clients with a long-term strategy to build and innovate their service and sales.

    CRM migration is challenging because of inconsistent data storage in various CRM databases. Our CRM consulting helps you make your databases consistent before the migration. We have wide experience in assisting our clients to sort their legacy data to match with the new system. Our clients also make use of our services to transform “flat” data into a more structured format so that it is easier to maintain and report.

    We have assisted a number of our clients with CRM Customization and CRM consolidation projects. This has helped our clients either build a CRM specific to their needs or build on the benefits they’ve accomplished with their previous systems. The biggest benefit of our CRM consulting is to train you on the best ways to draw customer information together and provide suggestions for continuous improvements in a single enterprise system. We deliver consolidation services in stages so that we can replace and improve each system at a time.

    Our sales automation service is primarily designed to automate the sales process. Our clients consult us to understand how to automate their sales process to optimize costs. ROI and NPV. We assist in the selection of the right CRM platform for your business or customizing a solution to specific business needs and facilitate the integration of the solution. Once your sales team migrates to the automated system, we train them to get the hang of it and offer all CRM consulting support for executing sales processes. Our service has assisted our clients to improve sales productivity and sales revenue.

    Our customer service automation consulting service is tailored to help our clients automate their customer service process. We assist our clients to pick the right service platform from the market, customize and integrate it with their existing systems, train the team for getting used to the automated platform and support till there is an improvement in case resolution time, customer retention, and agent productivity.

    This service is designed to automate the marketing process of our clients. We help them choose the right marketing automation platform, build customized platforms as per business requirements, and integrate it into current systems. Besides, we train clients’ marketing team to get used to the automation platform, and providing consulting support to marketing objectives of lead acquisition is met.