Mbsap provides contact center analytics services to global enterprises to monitor and manage their call centers better. By ushering the future of call centers that take customer service to another level, our team helps you work towards better revenues while we manage your contact centers. We help you overcome day-to-day challenges in different forms to make the first impression with your clients with our tailored contact center analytics services. With our analytics services in place, your contacts will no longer be limited to call centers, but, move towards profit centers to help your organization gain a better bottom line.


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    Our Contact Center Analytics Services

    Mbsap has over two decades of experience in providing top notch business analytics services that help clients streamline their contact center processes better. Our experience of having worked with multiple clients from different verticals helps us understand different businesses and provide the services accordingly. Some of our analytics services include –

    Contact Center Data Collection

    We have the required expertise to mine required data needed for contact center analytics services. This helps in organizing diverse types of data into sections which aids in easy data analysis.

    Data Pattern Recognition

    We carefully analyze vast data sets and identify certain patterns in them and advise you on what corrective measures can be taken to improve your call center processes.

    Reduce Average Handling Time (AHT)

    Using the data available, we can thoroughly analyze the sets and find out ways in which the average customer handling time can be reduced and the processes can be made more efficient.

    Voice of Customer (VOC)

    We leverage VOC to understand clients’ requirements, expectations, preferences, and aversions which help companies serve their clients better and improve various aspects of their business.

    Voice Analytics

    Depending on the voice data available, we research various identification methods from the customer calls and help you understand your clients better.

    Logistic Regression

    We define several types of variable criterion of the data collected and cleansed. We perform effective logistic regression on these variables and provide the results within a quick turnaround time.

    Client Intelligence

    Using different types of data, we can closely analyze the customer’s likes,dislikes, and behavior which can be used to further tweak the services as per the clients’ requirements.