Identifying, nurturing, managing and converting leads into sales requires a lot of time and effort. For effective lead generation, you would require the skills of lead generation experts who have expertise in nurturing meaningful relationships with qualified leads and building valid results.

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    If sales lead generation services are not a part of your core business, consider outsourcing business lead generation services to an expert like Mbsap. Mbsap is one of the world’s leading providers of offshore business lead generation services. Our expertise can help your organization create more valuable leads and convert them into viable sales opportunities. Based on your lead generation requirements we can provide you with a customized solution that would address your needs.

    Lead generation methods by Mbsap

    • Postings in forums, blogs and social networking sites allow worldwide marketing and generation of quality leads due to the heavy traffic flow
    • The leads generated are highly targeted – only prospective customers visit the site, those who are truly interested to buy your products or avail of your services
    • Direct marketing e-mails are a cost-effective way to reach out to your customers. The course of direct marketing includes efficient audience identification, competent list selection, attractive offers and a simple lead-to-sale-action
    • Newsletters enable customers, genuinely interested in your products/services to sign up for your newsletter. A well-designed newsletter with the right message will prompt your prospective customer to buy your products
    • Offline lead generation is done through telemarketing, referral programs, postal campaigns, PR and advertising, meetings, surveys, seminars and conferences

    Mbsap lead generation process

    Mbsap unique lead generation program integrates efficient methods to ensure effective lead generation. The lead generation process at Mbsap consists of the following:

    • Our experienced lead generation executives will first understand the business objectives of your organization
    • Based on the requirements of our customer, we will then create a comprehensive strategy and develop an accompanying scope document which will be focused on optimizing your business
    • Mbsap capable team will then select the apt lead generation method to maximize your revenue and minimize your costs
    • The methods are then executed in the form of different B2B lead generation services
    • At the end, a complete analysis of the result will enable you to judge the success of our B2B lead generation services and also provides us with areas in which to improve

    Get the Mbsap advantage!

    • Mbsap can deliver traceable and proven lead generation solutions that can convert your leads into definite sales
    • The customized lead generation campaigns by Mbsap targets specific audiences with valuable offers and attractive marketing
    • We will follow-up on your leads and maintain ongoing communication with your customers to promote your products/services and thereby create sales
    • Mbsap provides the most cost-effective lead generation services
    • A short-term campaign or continuous and constant lead generation services – we have the capability to supply both