Are you an entrepreneur with a rapidly growing business who finds it difficult to manage routine office tasks? Do you have an expanding list of contacts that has to be recorded in an electronic format? If you are finding it difficult to maintain records of potential clients and other business contacts, hire a virtual assistant, who will maintain an online version of all your contacts, especially after scanning all the business cards that you receive regularly.

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Make Mbsap work in 24 hours!

    How it Works?

    • You mail the cards to be scanned to a virtual assistant
    • The assistant scans your cards and uploads information on a secure FTP platform
    • Once uploaded, you can download the information from your office, anytime

    Why Choose A Virtual Assistant from mbsap?

    • Reduce administrative costs – While hiring a full-time employee involves a host of costs, such as employee health and life insurance, salary, or any other government-mandated expenses, hiring a virtual assistant from Mbsap doesn’t cost you much. You end up paying a fraction of what you would normally spend to hire a full-time resource, yet get high-quality services.
    • Focus on building functional areas – One major benefit of hiring our virtual assistant is that you will get enough time to focus on value-added activities for your business. With an expert assistant taking care of non-core tasks such as business card scanning, you can direct your attention to building core competencies and delivering increased value to your customers.
    • Efficiency – With an efficient virtual assistant at your service, you can plan your work in a better way.
    • Easy Retrieval – Our virtual assistant can quickly retrieve the information of a particular contact of yours, which has been scanned from one of your business cards earlier, when you need it.

    Why Hire A Virtual Assistant

    We understand that to build your business to its full potential, you need to effectively manage information about potential customers, suppliers and vendors. However, performing repetitive tasks can be cumbersome. If you don’t have in-house staff that can perform such activities, you may find yourself spending a large chunk of your time just getting the administrative tasks done. You can lose your long-term focus or find it extremely hard to implement your business goals.

    At mbsap, we believe in promoting long-term relationships based on clear communication. We help you select the right virtual assistant, keeping your exact needs in mind.