It’s essential to gauge what you are up against, to compete successfully and methodically. Mbsap provides access to in-depth competitor analysis on all industry segments and verticals and provides crucial information on their business structure, products & services, marketing strategies, and industry strengths as well as weaknesses. This helps you work on the right approach to beat the competition. Working with you on this critical part of your enterprise strategy, we collect, analyze, and create business intelligence dashboards to help you stride ahead with minimum risks. Our competitive intelligence team is trained to provide industry-best support that takes care of the minutest details of your competitors.


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    Competitor Analysis Services We Offer

    Mbsap helps jumpstart strategic intelligence activities for your business by formulating a custom plan for studying and analyzing competition in the market. Our competitive intelligence analysis service uncovers critical information such as –

    At Mbsap, our services help you answer some of the most critical questions, which include –

    • Who is our competition?
    • What is the profile of our competitors?
    • What are the business goals of our competitors?
    • What threats / opportunities do they pose?
    • What are the market strategies being followed by the competition and what is the success rate?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors?
    • How will the competition react to our business tactics?

    With a better understanding of these questions and suitable answers, we help you position yourself better in a competitive setting. We help you understand all past, present, and future competition strategies to further strengthen your approach.